Business Outcomes Affected By Social

Social Media channel advertising users

According to a new piece of research from consultancy firm Deloitte and the MIT Sloan Management Review, around two thirds of businesses have reported a positive impact on business outcomes thanks to the use of social channels, Warc reports. Around 60% of B2B and 68% of B2C companies agreed with the view that investing in a social profile was responsible for increased business values.

The survey, titled “Moving Beyond Marketing: Generating Social Business Value Across the Enterprise”, questioned around 4,800 business executives in 109 countries and across a range of 26 industries. The majority of these respondents supported the notion that social business maturity had a positive impact on a business.

Eight out of ten of the executives polled who claimed to have a ‘sophisticated’ company presence on social channels said they fully analysed data from the sites, with 67% also using the channels and corresponding data to guide decision making processes within the company as a whole. More than 87% of the respondents also noted how those in top management positions within the company believed social had the power to encourage innovation and drive forward change.

The survey also covered what the executives expected from the future of social, with 90% of them saying social will continue to be important in the next three years.

The executive editor at the MIT Sloan Management Review, David Kiron, noted how the most advanced businesses are actually beginning to incorporate social into a number of different sectors within the company – including customer relations, marketing, business operations and international communications strategies.