New Twitter Tool Helps Marketers Generate Real-Time Content

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In a bid to help companies and marketing departments make the most of “everyday moments” Twitter has developed a new tool, due to be launched next week, The Drum reports.

With 55% of Twitter users actively tweeting throughout the day, recording “everyday moments” such as meal times, travelling or exercising, brands should think about harnessing these moments, the article notes. Such moments tend to occur at key points throughout the day so they will be able to schedule and recognise peak conversation hours.

As Matt Taylor, head of research at Twitter notes, these “predictable points” can be harnessed to great effect by brands. The new tool will allow them to take part in the conversations, which will be colour coded depending on what terms are mentioned in a conversation – these terms include emotions, activities and TV shows. The colour codes will appear on a map of the UK, allowing brands to locate which area contains a number of users talking about a specific term. The terms listed include happy, sad, pub, yoga and Coronation Street, among others.

The conversation “clusters” will prove invaluable to marketers looking to track what topics people are discussing in real-time and at what locations. Taylor notes that this “always on” tactic can deliver almost 2.5 times more retweets and 2.5 times more share-of-voice.

“Everyday Moments” will be made available to marketers in the UK in the immediate future, but there are plans for it to be made available on a wider-scale as well. Plans surrounding the future of the tool include the expansion of the terms listed and also the ability for marketers to create their own personal list of terms to keep track of.