50% Of Ad Experts Believe Programmatic Ad Trading Aids Creativity

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Just under 50% of advertisers believe that programmatic trading is helping the industry to come up with new, unique and creative ways to market a brand and generate stories, VideoAdNews reports. However, a further 28% of advertisers actually believe that programmatic trading “inhibits” creativity, and 24% said it made no difference.

Over 130 businesses – including agencies, trading desks and media owners – were questioned for the ‘Programmatic Futures: Where Culture meets Code’ report, alongside 97 digital marketing professionals. It is reported that the survey found a large skills gap in the sector which requires urgent addressing, as over one third of respondents said it was the biggest barrier to progress in the area.

One of the other concerns surrounding programmatic advertising is the notion that machines may one day take over from human advertisers, the article notes. This claim was not cited as a concern for 57% of respondents, however, with 29% instead saying that a more automated process meant they had more time to focus on higher-value formats and campaigns (native advertising, for example) and 26% saying it gave them more time to spend with clients.

Graham Moysey, the head of international for AOL, stated that the fact 65% of respondents said programmatic trading gave them more time to devise strategies and audience targeting was “remarkable”, and goes to show how programmatic can help professionals in the industry who are typically rushed for time.

Moysey then reiterated the fact that there is still progress to be made in the industry in answering any concerns regarding trust, transparency and brand safety; he said there is “still a lot of trepidation about programmatic in general.”