New Rooms App On Facebook Acts As Anonymous Forum

Facebook social user

According to a recent news report on Brand Republic, the social media site Facebook has plans to introduce a new app called ‘Rooms’ which enables users to join a messaging board or multiple boards based around their interests. There are, however, no current plans to introduce ads to this app, the article notes, as the concept is in the early stages of development and monetisation is not yet a focus.

The app itself allows users to join a number of different rooms, all of which are themed based on interests. Depending on what rooms they join, users will see pictures, videos and texts on their feed related to the specific theme of the room. Users are able to join as many rooms as they like – but they must be initially invited in order to access the content. Users are also able to adopt different pseudonyms if they wish.

With these security measures in place, it means that it is not possible to search for a room or create one at the moment. The social media site is working with some “community builders,” and Josh Miller – the creator of ‘Rooms’ – has stated that the best communities tend to grow “very slowly”, so this tentative approach could work in their favour.

In order to gain an invite into a Room, users need to be sent a text from a friend inside the group with a QR code. This is then saved to the camera roll on their phone; when the ‘Rooms’ app is next opened, the app scans the camera roll and once the code has been located they are automatically joined to that Room.

‘Rooms’ is better suited to mobile than Facebook Groups and, as stated, allows the use of pseudonyms. Miller claims the app is for “connecting to people who you would never encounter otherwise in your daily life.”