23% Of Staff Believe Marketers Should Head Digital Strategies

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Information published by The Drum, drawn from a report by digital agency Omobono, has highlighted differences in opinion within organisations in regards to which department should lead a company’s digital strategy. The report shows that whilst 88% of marketers believe their department should be at the forefront of their company’s digital strategy, only 23% of staff outside the profession share the same thoughts.

The different departments within organisations may disagree as to what profession should lead digital strategies, but it was marketing departments that were found to hold the practice in the highest regard; 94% of surveyed marketers believe digital strategy to be “important”, with over half (56%) perceiving it to be “crucial.”

While departments share 9 out of 11 audiences and every department listed building relationships with both colleagues and clients a top-three priority, the report highlights how few companies have an integrated digital strategy.

Despite few companies investing in an integrated strategy, it has been found to offer some benefits. Of the 331 B2B professionals surveyed, confidence in the effectiveness of communications grew from 11% – 35% as a result of an integrated approach, and 64% of respondents agreed that an integrated strategy can deliver a better customer experience.

Chairman of Omobono, Francesca Brosan, said: “Digital has transformed the face of marketing, making communications a part of every department’s remit today.” This related to both internal and external communications, with marketers realising the importance of relaying their skills to those within an organisation as well as outside to help “improve the perception of marketers beyond the marketing department.”

She went on to note that “savvy strategic marketers are leveraging their knowledge of how the media landscape is rapidly evolving and using it to align their organisations behind a single-minded, cohesive digital push.”