Britain votes for coolest brands

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The marketing world has conducted a survey for what it believes to be the coolest brands available in Britain in 2015. The CoolBrands survey asked 2,500 British consumers, along with a panel of 36 professionals including musicians, TV personalities, fashion industry experts and editors for their opinion on the coolest brands on the market.

According to The Drum, the tech firm Apple came top, despite the company receiving tepid reviews for its Apple Watch and Apple Music offerings. But the latest iPhone model – the 6S – as well as the upcoming Apple TV service helped the firm to remain at the top.

Some of the emerging brands to find their places rising through the top 20 included the video and movie streaming service Netflix and the photo-sharing app Instagram. Both brands featured in the top 20 last year; Netflix rose from tenth place to fifth, and Instagram from fourteenth to seventh.

Some of the brands that fell out of the top 20 list include luxury brands such as Dom Perignon, Rolex and Stella McCartney. It is noted that these brands seem to be struggling to match the fast-paced, constantly evolving digital-first nature of the above mentioned brands.

However, 14 brands managed to retain their status as a ‘cool brand’, highlighting how hard it can be for new players to make their mark when up against such well-established rivals.

The chairman of the CoolBrands Council, Stephen Cheliotis, said: “Attaining Top 20 CoolBrands status takes time and isn’t the result of a one year fad or flash in the pan. Young brands however, like Netflix and Instagram, are showing clear momentum, they are moving up the Top 20 at a decent pace and posing a threat to established sector peers.”

The other brands to make up the top 10 are: Ray-Ban; Glastonbury; Nike; Alexander McQueen; Chanel; YouTube and Aston Martin.