Top 5 Easter Marketing Campaigns: A cracking selection


As we count down the days to the extra long weekend, different brands are capitalizing on us eating our weight in chocolate over the holiday. We started Easter early with our hunt for the brands who did the best job of encouraging us to indulge – not that we needed much convincing…

Here is our round up of the best;

1. Carlsberg: Pop-Up Chocolate Bar


In a wonderful real life pun, beer brand Carlsberg have made a giant chocolate bar in honour of the Easter season. Fitting well with the continued #IfCarlsbergDid tagline, the delicious stunt is made up of nearly half a tonne of chocolate. As part of the campaign the brand is even offering to serve up half pints of lager in special chocolate glasses. Dharmesh Rana, the senior brand manager at Carlsberg UK, said: ‘We knew that the British public love beer and chocolate, so we’re delighted to bring them together to create probably the best bar there could be.’

2. Cadbury: Loch Ness Monster


Cadbury has laid three giant eggs into the Loch Ness in the Scottish highlands to launch their new Easter Campaign this year. The ginormous floating eggs are an impressive sight as they reach nearly the height of a double decker bus, emerging slowly from the water just like the fabled Loch Ness Monster. Tying in the playful magic of the Loch Ness with Easter, the stunt is part of a larger campaign to make the Cadbury’s brand synonymous with this time of year.

3. Aldi: Favourite Things

After the success of the Aldi’s John Lewis ‘man on the moon’ spoof ad last Christmas, the budget supermarket has hit the right note again with the its copy of Cadbury’s famous drumming gorilla.  Except just as the gorilla starts to get carried away, he gets distracted by the cost of Aldi’s cut price chocolate bunnies.

4. Co-Operative: Be a Good Egg

The feel good ad award of the Easter holiday goes to Co-Op for launching its own hunt for ‘good eggs’. The online videos use a hidden camera to undertake a series of ‘eggsperiments’ capturing the public helping out strangers in need. Little do they know that the stranger is in fact an actor, and their good deeds are rewarded by a human chicken giving out Easter eggs. The ad continues the supermarkets campaign to be a community retailer, as consumers are encouraged to nominate their own local ‘good egg’.

5. Thorntons: Easter Egg Hub


Branching out in their biggest digital campaign to date, Thorntons has launched into the online gaming world with its latest Easter campaign. The gamified chocolate egg factory gives consumers an inside look into the inner workings of Easter egg production. The campaign is part of a larger hub that aims to celebrate the craftsmanship and heritage of Easter egg manufacturing. Taking part in the online hunt also gives you a chance to win a real life tour around the Thortons factory – a prize we can all drool over.
Now, where’s that Easter egg?