What’s new in social media this month: June

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From the latest Twitter trends to what’s on WhatsApp, here’s our monthly look at the biggest updates and changes in the social media world.

Instagram hits 500 million users in explosive growth

Instagram reached a milestone this month, with the image based social network announcing it has surpassed the 500 million monthly user mark. In fact it’s now seeing 300 million users every single day. Notably, this enormous growth has only exploded very recently for the platform. With a 100 million user gain in the last nine months, and 200 million users in the last year and a half globally, the achievement puts the app up alongside social media giants Facebook and WhatsApp. The growth follows Facebook’s $1 billion purchase of the platform in 2012, when the photo sharing site had only a measly 22 million users!


Photo by @tanaka_tatsuya

Instagram’s new algorithm goes live for all users

Instagram has continued to rock the boat following its controversial logo change last month by implementing a new algorithm feed. After announcing back in March that it was mixing up the way you viewed your photos, this month the platform has begun to roll out the new feed for all users. Whilst the change has been met with outrage from some, the platform explained that Instagram users can miss up to 70 percent of their feeds on a daily basis due to the chronological ordering. With different mysterious algorithms applying to personal and business accounts, speculation surrounds the effects of the change for marketers and which type of account will result in the best visibility for brands – will visibility of branded content drop? Watch this space.

Twitter unveils Snapchat-like stickers to add to photos

In a move to rejuvenate its slowing growth, Twitter has added emoji stickers for users to add to their photos. With over 110 billion emojis being tweeted out since 2014, it’s no surprise that the platform has made moves to further capitalise on their ever increasing popularity. The new stickers also have the added benefit of being searchable, allowing users to check out how others are using their stickers as well.

However with Snapchat already implementing video stickers and Facebook introducing live video masks – is Twitter already late to the party?

YouTube makes creating video content even easier


Photo from www.socialmediatoday.com

With video content regularly receiving the best reach and response rate across social media platforms compared to other forms of content, it’s no surprise that YouTube is trying to make the creation branded video content even easier. This month it has introduced a new app named ‘YouTube Director’, which guides you through the video creation process. Step by step instructions tell you how to make the most engaging content, with second by second editing and options to add graphics and voiceovers. The easy to use app aims to get brands creating their own professional video content, and then of course promoting it across their network.

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