23% Of Parents Influenced Directly By Christmas Ads

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This morning I read a survey aimed at identifying mums’ attitudes towards Christmas ads and how these marketing messages influence their buying decisions during the holiday season. The survey found that commercials help 23% of parents generate ideas for their holiday gifts.

The poll was conducted among more than 1,000 mums by parenting website Netmums. It revealed that an attractive ad can make mothers change the store they usually go to for Christmas presents, The Drum reported.

Most mothers (83%) are happy to see are commercials from major brands promoting their Christmas gift proposals. In terms of ads content, humour is one of the things parents cherish the most. Commercials featuring a group of children are also among mums’ favourites, with 47% saying that children are a crucial element to an advert. Nearly the same percentage (44%) like commercials displaying perfect moments and about the same number of mothers believe that popular songs are what can make an advert an unforgettable one.

For about a third of mothers, seeing real life mums in a commercial, rather than actors, is more amusing and 29% of them claimed that adverts based on cartoons or make believe stories are also engaging. Celebrities taking part in a commercial proved to be the least liked as just 4% of mums said that they were happy to see prominent people in a Christmas ad.

Overall, commercials dedicated to this holiday season make more than half of the poll’s respondents feel the Christmas spirit, the survey showed.