The Star Wars #Brandwagon: 10 of the best, worst and just plain weird Star Wars merchandise

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Star Wars Super Fans the world over are rejoicing; The Force Awakens has finally landed after 10 years of anticipation.

Indeed, the global cinema phenomenon is back and set to break records with an estimated $625 million domestic gross opening. With The Force Awakens even being screened in the International Space Station, there’s no escaping the onward march of the brand – even in a galaxy far far away…

But the record-breaking opening figures pale in comparison to the estimated $5 billion revenue that will be generated from the Star Wars merch juggernaut.  With a simply staggering breadth of merchandise available for every Star Wars superfan, Disney’s aggressive retail campaign has sent income predictions rocketing.

From lightsaber BBQ tongs to Chewbacca Campbell’s soup, many of us have been left wondering if the Star Wars brand affiliations have gone too far – or if they are just pure genius? Here is a list of the best, worst and just plain weird merchandise we have seen this year…

1. Star Wars Fruit


Star Wars on fruit has been a popular combination, with Darth Vader encouraging you to eat not only oranges, but apples and grapes too. After all, you can’t take over the universe without your designated five a day.

2. The Stormtrooper Fiat

Fiat 500e Stormtrooper — urdesignmag

Inspired by the armour of the First Order Legion, the redesigned Fiat 500e is sleek and sexy, combining Star Wars and great design in a slick package.

3. Hans Solo Carbonite Fridge


This slightly morbid carbonite fridge is the perfect way to eternalise Hans Solo’s iconic scene in your living room.

4. The Millenium Falcon Bed


Modelled after the cockpit of Hans Solo spaceship, the Millennium Falcon bed comes with a hefty $4,000 price tag that reserves it for only the biggest (and let’s face it, wealthiest) Star Wars super fans.

5. Death Star Tea Infuser


As the British know well, tea is almost as powerful as the force itself. Who knew the perfect brew was essential to the smooth running of the Death Star.

6. Star Wars Coffee Mate


The links are getting ever more tenuous here with this Star Wars branded coffee mate. In the words of pretty much everyone in the film, “I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.” But we reckon the R2D2 and C-3P0 packaging look good nonetheless.

7. The BB-8 Droid


One of the most relevant pieces of merchandise produced this year – the BB-8 Droid – is your very own robot that can be controlled via an app. Featured as an actual prop in the movie, the Droid was even built by the same company who makes the toy robot version.

“The Force is strong with this one.”

8. Star Wars Duct Tape


Nothing to do with Star Wars, duct tape has. Hmmmm.

9. Lightsaber BBQ Tongs


Dinner need never be a dull affair again when your tongs double up as a lightsaber…

10. C-3PO Tape Dispenser


Whilst this particular piece of merchandise has been around for a while, we thought we would end on this vintage 1981 C-3PO tape dispenser. Simply because merchandise doesn’t get much weirder than that.