AUK | Brand and Web Design for Organic Pet and Animal Health Brand Verm-X
It was important for the new Verm-X brand to appeal to a new and growing lifestyle audiences, from small pet owners to livestock farmers and smallholders. The rebrand works for their new pet marketing strategy, web design, eCommerce in the UK and overseas.
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Transforming brand Verm-X

How we made their new brand identity as unique as their product

AUK used consumer insights and the power of design to unlock a brand’s shelf appeal, opening it up to a whole new audience of ethical and ecologically aware consumers.

Verm-X are well established in the animal nutritional supplements industry. With over ten year’s experience, they were original pioneers in promoting the natural treatment of animals over the use of less sustainable man-made chemicals.

They reached out to us because their brand, packaging and website was in need of simplification and modernisation, to help align the brand with the knowledgeable and caring values at the heart of Verm-X and the products themselves.

It was important for the new look and feel of Verm-X to appeal to a new and growing ‘lifestyle’ audience, while still retaining their loyal, ardent customers and the strong reputation that they’d built with farmers and smallholders.

At the core of our brand strategy recommendation was the insight that pet owners are looking after their pets as well as (if not better) than themselves. We recognised the growing consumer understanding of the need to form a positive routine and take regular supplements in order to maintain health, as opposed to looking for quick fixes —  or fad diets. We want people to give their pets Verm X regularly each day in the same way they themselves take probiotics and vitamins to maintain a healthy gut. 

Verm-X have a huge range of over 70 products and sub-brands, offering different health benefits for a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to pigeons and alpacas! With this in mind, our first step was to identify how consumers navigate the supplement category and structure the Verm-X range accordingly — in a way that allowed for easy new product development. 

Working closely with the Verm-X team, we established a core set of brand values and tonal archetypes which represented who they are as a business. This helped drive the development of clear and meaningful messaging. 

The new brand design is simple, clean and modern, using earthy tones inspired by the animals and landscapes they inhabit. A new eCommerce site allows people to shop their extensive range and find out more about the Verm X brand story, news and customer feedback. 

Now, Verm-X’s products stand out on the shelves, and they have a brand that really resonates with the wants and needs of their audience. We’re thrilled we could make such a difference to their brand, so they can keep making a difference to animal health.


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