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‘What does success look like?’

Marketer Branding Agency AUK Strategy

As featured in Insider Magazine by Zane Radcliffe, Creative Director at AgencyUK, on the pursuit of commercial creativity. When agencies sit down with our clients to write a creative brief, there is a critical question that should be asked at the outset. And I don’t mean ‘Who are we talking to?’ or ‘What is the […]

1 In 3 Visits To Sites Driven By Search

Bing Advertising

Most brand owners are by now well aware of the impact search marketing has on their business. But the latest data from Experian Hitwise can do more to convince them why it is worth it.

10 Golden Rules For A Successful Celebrity Affair | CreativeMatch Feature

Celebrity influencer advertising

The celebrity machine took hold in advertising decades ago, and as Ad Men and Joe Public we’ve been pushing, pulling and undressing celebs to capture a sneak peak into the brands they live with. But, the influx of semi-celebrity, the invention of zelebrity’s and the see and forget nature of the media means that at […]

10% Of Facebook Accounts Don’t Belong To Humans

Facebook social media mum consumer

Many people like creating a social media page for their pet and I have often wondered how many dogs, cats and hamsters are on Facebook. I have read a report from researcher eMarketer, which claimed that more than 10% of users with an account on the social website are not human.

10% Of Retail Sales Took Place Online In April

UK Consumer Shopping

Some 10% of retail sales in April were conducted on the web, as many Britons preferred to shop while sitting on the sofa due to the cold temperatures outside, which lasted until the end of the month, according to official figures.

10% Of Young TV Viewers Rely On Social Media For Programme Tips

Millennial mobile social app

New research from YouView reveals that a tenth of TV viewers in the 18-24 age group receive most of their tips regarding what to watch from channels such as Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, if they have to catch up on a TV programme, young viewers tend to steer clear of their social […]

12% of UK consumers buy clothes and shoes online

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

We’ve recently been doing a considerable amount of brand and advertising acquisition work with online retailers and insurers. Looking through a few market studies, I discovered that “men are twice more likely to shop online than women” according to retailer CB Richard Ellis.

13% Of Britons Purchased Products After Viewing On Social Media Platforms

Blogger blog writing content social strategy

A recent report from YouGov’s unit SixthSense which looked into UK consumers’ interactions with brands via social media networks. The report showed that despite the modest levels of communication, 23% of Internet-connected users have researched a product or a service after reading something on a social site, which is 6% more than this time last […]

18% Of Companies Fail To Differentiate Between Mobile And Desktop Users

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Nearly one fifth (18%) of businesses are not capable of identifying the differences in the behaviour of their mobile and desktop visitors. This is quite surprising given mobile devices’ growing power in terms of higher website traffic and sales and the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets among consumers.

18% Of UK Seniors Now Using Facebook

Facebook social user

Older people in the UK are more open to the use of social media than many of us probably think. While they are not as enthusiastic about appearing on social networks as their children or grandchildren, the pace of adoption is definitely speeding up, eMarketer says in a new report, titled UK Seniors: Digital on […]

2 month Graduate Placement Opportunity

Award winning, Bath based integrated marketing agency, Agency UK have an exciting opportunity for a Graduate within their Client Service Team. The successful candidate will work within a busy and friendly team supporting across multiple client accounts. The position is initially for 2 months, however there could be the potential for an extension. We are […]

20% Of Ad Budgets Spent On Native Advertising

AUK Advertising

According to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK Digital Ad Spend report, as conducted by PwC, one fifth of digital display budgets was spent on native content in the first two quarters of 2014, Marketing Week reports. The total spent on native advertising actually reached a total of £216 million according to the survey, with […]

20% Of Brits Shop Online More Than In-Store

Mobile ecommerce security

It won’t come as much of a surprise to reveal that the popularity of e-commerce keeps growing rapidly and is now a preferred method of shopping for many Britons. But, more surprisingly, the Internet is now considered the top place for buying products and services by a whopping 20% of Britons, a survey from the […]

20% of car buyers book a test drive via a website

Automotive carshop car sales

Saw some interesting research this morning which raises some questions around the power of automotive brands today . The research shows that 40% of potential car buyers search car manufacturer and dealer websites but 46% just start with Google. Almost one-third opt for car magazines and online reviews and 30% go to classified websites. The […]

20% Of Online Sales In 2018 To Occur During The Christmas Period

Christmas Online Consumer Retail

According to recent research from the computer software giant Adobe, 19.3% of total online sales for the year will be made during the Christmas period, as stated in a blog by the company. This is an increase of 10% compared to 2013 figures and the UK is also expected to witness around 25% of its […]

20% Of Parents Feel Tempted To Buy After Seeing An Ad

TV Advertising Spend

A recent survey from UK parenting site Parentdish, which claimed that 20% of parents feel enticed to purchase a new product after seeing it advertised.

22% Of Brits Complain On Social Media

Trustpilot Social Media Sentiment

Brits are stereotypically regarded as reserved and trying to avoid confrontations but a recent survey suggests that UK consumers may have become more outspoken when it comes to complaints.

22% Of Companies Yet To Jump On The Mobile Bandwagon

Mobile Commerce ecommerce app

22% of companies across the UK have taken no measures to build their presence in the mobile world, thus missing out on an unlimited number of opportunities offered by the channel to engage with their customers. Econsultancy approached 500 business professionals for the purposes of its Reducing Customer Struggle Report, finding that 55% of companies […]

23% Of Parents Influenced Directly By Christmas Ads

Christmas Retail advertising consumers ecommerce

This morning I read a survey aimed at identifying mums’ attitudes towards Christmas ads and how these marketing messages influence their buying decisions during the holiday season. The survey found that commercials help 23% of parents generate ideas for their holiday gifts.

23% Of Staff Believe Marketers Should Head Digital Strategies

Information published by The Drum, drawn from a report by digital agency Omobono, has highlighted differences in opinion within organisations in regards to which department should lead a company’s digital strategy. The report shows that whilst 88% of marketers believe their department should be at the forefront of their company’s digital strategy, only 23% of […]

24% Of Britons Find It Hard To Identify Pirate Sites

Trustpilot Social Media Sentiment

According to a new survey, more than two in 10 adults in the UK are not capable of distinguishing a piracy website from a legitimate one, with over a third confessing that they have visited an entertainment site that contained pirated content.

24% Of Consumers Need More Than One Year To Forgive Poor Brand Experience

AUK Iridium Insights Brand

UK consumers are consistently setting high standards for brands to live up to, increasing their expectations and demanding a higher quality of engagement. It is now easier than ever, what with the large number of communication channels available, for customers to claim brand loyalty – but it is also easier to abandon a brand due […]

24% Of UK Consumers Say Brands Don’t Listen To Them

Natwest banking brand

Just 24% of UK consumers agree that brands listen to what they say on social media and only 29% believe that they are valued as an individual, according to a new research.

24% Polled Use Second Screen When Watching TV

Digital TV Advertising Media Channel

Our love for technology has grown to the point where a single device is no longer enough to scratch the itch. “Second screening” anyone? A growing number of consumers are getting into the habit of enjoying good old telly while using their computers, laptops or tablets to indulge in online activities.

25% Of Britons To Use Mobile Devices For Online Shopping Over Next 12 Months

Augmented reality advertising media

A new survey from parcel delivery services provider DPD this morning has shown once again that m-commerce is gaining strong momentum in the UK and it’s not likely to come to an end soon, as more and more consumers are turning to their phones to purchase products.

25% of consumers would switch to Lidl or Aldi

Supermarket branding

The latest survey from the grocery industry analysts IGD has re-affirmed that financial constraints have made more UK households turn to cheap supermarkets.

25% Of Hotel-Related Searches Come From Mobile

Hotel marketing local search

A recent report from SEO and PPC consulting and technology specialist Greenlight revealed that as many as 2.5 million Britons looked for hotels online in May, with 21% using their mobile to search for accommodation. The proportion of online hotel searches made via a mobile device totalled 522,115 queries. Greenlight’s quarterly Hotels Sector Report is […]

25% Of Mobile Users Online For Over 6 Hours A Day

Millennial mobile social app

We are already aware of the increasing impact of mobile technology on consumers. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday communication, but are now also considered the preferred tool for browsing the web. This was recently confirmed in a global survey conducted by mobile software solutions provider NetBiscuits, which revealed that many […]

25% of UK Consumers Fail To Save Money By Switching Financial Providers

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

A number of recent surveys have maintained that UK consumers are increasingly savvy and spend their money wisely. However, recent research suggests otherwise.

27% Of UK Shoppers “Showroomed” Over Christmas

Christmas Online Retail eCommerce Consumer

The showrooming phenomenon continues to keep high-street retailers awake at night and there is reason for this: consumers are now visiting stores to look at a product they are interested in only to return home and buy the product from an online competitor. And it seems that the popularity of this practice is not likely […]

2m Britons Leave Facebook In Six Months

Facebook social media content

It seems that some two million Britons have decided to take a long break from Facebook (or leave it for good) in the past six months, at least according to a report from social media monitoring expert SocialBakers.

3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Social Media Advertising

Pinterest might be one of the newer social media channels, but it has already upped the ante with the introduction of some new features for 2014 which will help marketers make the most of the channel. Pinterest is more than just a visual network to be added to a marketing strategy with no real thought […]

3 Steps For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile Search engine optimisation

With mobile marketing quickly dominating the sector, marketers need to adjust to this growing trend in order to achieve the best possible results in their industry. Here are three key methods to consider with regards to mobile marketing, in order to take advantage of the trend and achieve the best possible results:

3.6% Of UK Tweets Mention Brands

Twitter social commerce

Research from social media monitoring firm BrandWatch gauging the current state of Twitter and which type of brands UK users mention the most often. Overall, 3.6% of all tweets mentioned brands, with female users being the more likely to refer to a brand in their posts compared with men.

30% Of People Most Engaged With TV Ads During Movies

Digital TV Advertising Media Channel

Recent Avid-sponsored research study conducted by Ovum, based on responses from over 3,000 people in the UK, US, Germany and Brazil, reveals that in terms of genre, 29.8% of people feel most engaged with TV advertising content that is aired during movies. TV audiences feel less interested when watching ads during kids shows (13.6%). They […]

30% YoY Rise in UK Shoppers Leaving Social Comments

AUK Chat app software

Most of us, marketing folk, will have got used to the idea that consumer habits are diversifying and evolving by now. As proof of this fact, new research from consultancy firm Deloitte highlights the importance of various channels for shaping an opinion and defining purchasing intent.

32% Of Britons Doubt Social Networks’ Data Protection Abilities

Mobile App Data Security

Social media platforms are those organisations that Britons tend to trust the least when it comes to private data protection, according to the results of a recent study.

32% of UK Companies Consider Their Multi-Channel Marketing Effective

Augmented reality advertising media

Knowing the path and walking it are two different things, as a popular film hero once said. Placed within a marketing context related to channel integration, this could be taken to mean that UK companies are fully aware of how important an integrated marketing approach is but they are still taking baby steps in that […]

32% Of UK Top Travel Brands Still Not Marketing Across Mobile Channels

Mobile Commerce ecommerce app

The latest report from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB), has stated that 48% of the country’s 50 largest travel brands already have a mobile-friendly website. However, surprisingly 32% of them are yet to start using the mobile channel to engage with a constantly growing audience.

33% Increase in the use of mobile

Data marketing Kindle and Amazon

Recent research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), shows that 98% of UK agencies include mobile advertising in their portfolios, and the demand for mobile campaigns is still growing.

34% of Consumers Use Social Media To Choose Beauty Products

Social Media Beauty Products Retail

According to a recent report from market research group Mintel, more than one in three UK consumers (34%) rely on social media to help choose beauty and personal care products to buy.

34% Of UK Online Shoppers Searching For Deals

ecommerce website consumer spending

A new study which polled 2,000 online shoppers has confirmed that when buying products on the web, 56% of people feel tempted to take advantage of attractive promotions, and another 34% actively look for deals.

35% In The Dark About Contactless Payment

Contactless Payments, eCommerce, Online Shopping, Consumer

Modern people are typically up to date with all the latest developments in technology and communications and are generally positive in their attitude towards innovations. New gadgets tend to gain popularity very quickly and move into the mainstream within months.

35% Of Marketers Admit Failure At Multi-Channel Interaction

eCommerce AUK Web

In a world where consumers have a rich choice of shopping platforms, success for brands is determined by their ability to become well-oiled multichannel machines operating efficiently and effectively on several fronts.

36% Of British Advertisers Have No Mobile-Optimised Websites

Men working in office

Over a third (36%) of the 100 leading British advertising brands (in terms of advertising spend) have not optimised their websites for mobile use, according to recent research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

36% Of Britons Do Most Of Their Shopping Online

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

I read yet another report this week confirming that UK consumers are increasingly using the Internet as a medium for shopping, fuelled by the growing adoption of mobile devices and tablets among the population. Broadboand comparison site has found that in the past decade, the sum spent by shoppers online has more than doubled […]

36% rise in UK online video watching

Online Video Streaming YouTube

According to new data from Experian, UK consumers spend 240m hours per month watching videos online. In general, the number of visits to Internet video platforms has grown by 36% year-on-year in September, reaching 785m.

40% Of Consumers Run Mobile Searches Whilst Watching TV

Mobile Search engine optimisation

Recent findings from a study conducted jointly by iAcquire and Survey Monkey, has suggested that 40% of mobile searches now take place while consumers are in front of the TV. This implies that for marketers, knowing that TV is emerging as a major component of multi-screen users’ activities is no longer enough and it’s also […]

40% Of Instagram’s 1,000 Most Shared Videos Are From Brands

Instagram social media channel

Today, more and more brands are using online video as part of their marketing strategies. Social networks may be dominated by user-generated content, but when it comes to Instagram, brands are certainly making a splash.

40% of Tablet Users Think Ads Are Acceptable

Online Video Streaming YouTube

As mobile is slowly but surely becoming the norm for UK marketing agencies and consumers alike, new research into mobile advertising sheds more light on consumers’ engagement.

40% Of UK Mobile Searchers Decide To Purchase Within The Day

Mobile Search engine optimisation

I read recently that in the UK, price comparisons and reviews are the two most common mobile research activities performed on smart devices.

40% Prefer Social Media Over Search Engines For Content Discovery

Search Marketing Survey

A couple of years ago, the only way to find a good restaurant in town or a TV programme worth watching was by asking Google. But times have changed: now 40% of younger Brits rely more on social media than search engines when they want recommendations, according to a study from Blinkx I read last […]

41% Of Britons Happy To Buy Online

Mobile ecommerce security

E-commerce is rapidly growing in the UK as users are becoming more happy to shop online, figures show. In fact, 41% of Britons are content to purchase items over the web according to “The Future of Online Retail” report by YouGov, commissioned by

41% Of Marketers Fail To Measure ROI

Data Marketing CRM

Top management expert TagMan have revealed that while 59% of digital and e-commerce marketers consider big data as a large contributor to their company’s bottom line, 36% of them admit they are yet to get to grips with it.

42% Of Consumers Have No Trust In Supermarket Promotions

AgencyUK consumer brand

The four biggest supermarkets in the UK have faced accusations for misleading customers with bogus low prices. A report commissioned by the BBC for its Panorama programme shows that some of the pricing practices, employed by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons could in fact be breaching the law.

42% Of UK Shoppers Abandon A Purchase Due To Lack Of Information

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

The digital revolution has greatly impacted consumers’ expectations regarding product information, as nowadays many wouldn’t hesitate to cancel a purchase if they don’t receive enough information about the item in question.

43% Of UK Internet Users Will Shop Mainly Online During Holiday Season

Christmas Shopping Harrods

During November and December, or “the holiday season,” 43% of internet users are planning to do most of their shopping online, according to a study conducted by media buying company Kinetic.

44% Of Britons Shop On Mobile Devices

Mobile ecommerce security

Mobile shopping is becoming more popular among consumers in the UK and 44% use a mobile device to shop online, a survey by retail technology company Omnico revealed. Still, this means that 56% have never shopped via their mobile phone or tablet. What’s more, 29% of respondents in the survey said they prefer to shop […]

44% Of Connected Brits Play Online Games

AUK on Gaming Brands

I knew online gaming was popular, but it was still a surprise to find out that 44% of UK Internet users now engage in this activity. Moreover, online gaming is popular with all age groups, and what was once a niche market has now gone mainstream.

45% Of British Consumers Prefer High-Street Shopping To Online

Integrated online retail channels ecommerce

A recent poll by Rackspace, which questioned 2,000 British consumers, found that almost half of them prefer to shop on the high street as opposed to online due to a number of problems they often encounter when online shopping, Warc reports.

45% Of Consumers Willing To Share Private Data In Return For More Relevant Ads

AUK Advertising

Some 45% of people across the globe wouldn’t mind exchanging all of their online private data, collected over a six-month period, for ads that better correspond to their interests, according to new research.

47% Of UK Consumers Choose The Internet To Make Grocery Price Researches

Food brands creative

Buying groceries through the web in increasingly popular in the UK. Nielsen’s Global Survey of Digital’s Influence on Grocery Shopping reveals that, in comparison to other Europeans, Britons are more likely to buy food and beverages online in order to save money.

47% Of UK Consumers Now Own Smartphones

eCommerce AUK Web

If you’ve been following the development of the UK mobile market lately, you will hardly find the following piece of news surprising. According to the latest survey from YouGov, almost half of UK consumers own a smartphone.

4G Encourages Users To Shop From Their Smartphone

Mobile Search engine optimisation

Over two thirds of 4G users feel that faster access to the Internet increases the likelihood of them completing more purchases from their smartphone, reveals a recent survey by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, conducted among 2,000 consumers.

5,000 Different Devices Used To Access The Web

Men working in office

New research from Netbiscuits has found that in the third quarter of 2014, consumers used in excess of 5,000 different devices to access the web, The Drum reports. The information comes from the Netbiscuits Web Trends report which gathered data from Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics, utilising a sample base of around one billion page impressions every […]

50% Growth, 5 New Appointments and 8 RAR Award Nominations Kick-start 2014

Team receiving reward

Bath based Planning, Creative, Technology and Media firm The Agency have released their annual accounts showing an increase in agency turnover by 50% and gross profit by 35% in 2013. The Agency have grown to 25 full time staff, and continue to hire into their planning teams, creative and design teams as well as their […]

50% Of “Baby Boomers” Admit To Showrooming

Baby boomer consumer generation

New research from retail technology expert Omnico Group has revealed that “Baby Boomers” are the generation leading the rapidly evolving trend of showrooming. This is a trend where consumers browse in-store, only to go online later and purchase the same products at cheaper prices.

50% Of Ad Experts Believe Programmatic Ad Trading Aids Creativity

Apprentice creative agency

Just under 50% of advertisers believe that programmatic trading is helping the industry to come up with new, unique and creative ways to market a brand and generate stories, VideoAdNews reports. However, a further 28% of advertisers actually believe that programmatic trading “inhibits” creativity, and 24% said it made no difference.

50% OF All YouTube Views Come From Mobile Devices

YouTube Desktop Social Channel

It was recently revealed that 50% of all views on YouTube originate from mobile devices, The Drum reports. This is a crucial milestone in the history of the channel, the article continues, and it seems that this news represents the continuing dominance of mobile devices over that of desktops.

50% of Brand followers on Twitter would buy from them

Twitter social commerce

A recent study by The Drum does go some way to quantifying social media ROI, but is it telling us anything we don’t already know?

50% Of Britons Use Facebook

AgencyUK on parent trends to Facebook ads

British Facebook users are known to be among the most enthusiastic fans of social networking. Everyone is on Facebook, we often hear. Although it sounds pretty vague this is not far from the truth, as it turns out.

50% Of Britons Willing To Pay For Apps, Study Finds

Email marketing

A new study from Simon-Kucher & Partners has further evidenced that smartphone and tablet users across the UK are big fans of apps and buying them is becoming less of a behavioural change for consumers.

50% of consumers watch TV + other device at the same time

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

According to a new survey almost half of the consumers in the UK, the US, Germany and France watch TV and look at another electronic device at the same time.

50% Of UK Consumers Would Switch Brands Due To Bad Customer Service

Customer Experience UX UI

Brands can expect their UK customers to be less forgiving regarding unsatisfactory customer service than clients from the US, although consumers on the other side of the Atlantic are twice as likely to report a poor experience to others.

50% of UK Marketing Execs predict major transformation in 2012

Marketing executive team

Are you all geared up for the new year ahead? According to a new survey, most of the marketing folk are done with the plans for 2012 and their predictions are worth noticing.

50% of UK Women Distrust Brands That Use Airbrushing

Creative Model retouching

According to a new report from the Advertising Associaltion (AA) and research unit Credos, brands which use airbrushed photographs in their marketing campaigns might put off female consumers.

52% October surge is busiest Social Media month

Social Media groups

We’re regularly asked to implement and enhance social media strategies, and being an agency that specialises in brand engagement through to sale, social media now has a major role to play. The one elephant in the room is proving social media ROI, or its positive effect on a brand, beyond general awareness.

52% of UK Consumers Worry About M-Commerce Security

Mobile ecommerce security

With more and more UK consumers happily embracing mobile and sales of smartphones and tablets going strong, you’d think that the time when Britons will substitute mobile wallets for their cash is not far away.

53% Of Brits To Make Use Of Pre-Christmas Discounts Rather Than January Sales

Christmas retail advertising

More than half of Britons will prefer to make use of pre-Christmas discounts as opposed to January sales this festive season, with 14% citing plans to spend more in the lead-up to Christmas than the previous year, according to insights from RedEye’s Pre-Christmas Sales Report.

53% Of Travel Marketers Lack Multilingual Online Strategy

Integrated online retail channels ecommerce

The Internet is a vital hub for people planning their holiday. But according to the results of a recent research study, the travel industry is still not taking advantage of the online opportunity by failing to provide online content that is compelling enough.

54% of men shop every two days

Male Shopper Consumers eCommerce

I came across an interesting survey, which may overthrow the previously held belief that men are not into shopping. Actually, new research from the independent research agency Shoppercentric shows that 54% of men shop every couple of days.

56% Of UK SME’s Using Twitter To Drive Traffic

Twitter social commerce

For small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Ireland, Twitter is not just another social media platform, but rather a powerful business tool that can greatly enhance their marketing, sales and customer service activity.

56% Of Users Are Influenced By Twitter Content

Twitter Brand Advertising

Twitter is more than a micro-blogging site for sending and reading tweets – it is also a tool enabling mobile purchases, recent research reveals.

57% of UK Brands Plan To Hike Marketing Budgets

Men working in office

Despite many companies facing financial constraints and fierce competition, to achieve better results and greater return on investment, many brands are willing to invest more in marketing in 2012, according to a recent study from market research firm MindMetre.

58% of SMEs prefer Facebook to LinkedIn for branding

AgencyUK on parent trends to Facebook ads

Facebook has become the most trusted social platform for branding among small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) according to a recent YouGov survey.

58% Of UK Shoppers Increase Time Spent Online Comparing Product Prices

ecommerce website consumer spending

A new report released this week from research and training charity IGD predicts that UK consumers will increase spend on food and drink this holiday season by 3.9% compared to last year, and are expected to spend £19 billion this Christmas.

58% Of UK Silver Surfers Shop Online

Old Consumer Online Baby boomer

A whopping 58% of people aged 66-88 shop online, which is just one percentage point less than the national average of 59%, a research from next-generation payment firm Kalixa Group suggests. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising to see tech-savvy silver surfers among the most active online shoppers this Christmas season, taking advantage […]

58% Of UK’s Top Advertisers Have Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile Search engine optimisation

According to research from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) I came across recently, 58% of the country’s top 100 advertisers have adapted their websites to display content in the best possible way when accessed through smartphones.

60% of auto execs believe cars, media entertainment and IT will converge

Integrated tech media converge cars gaming mobile

An interesting new survey from KPMG has gauged the attitudes and predicted the trends for the next five years in the UK automotive sector.

60% Of Businesses To Increase Marketing Budgets In 2014

Marketing executive team

Almost 60% of businesses are planning to invest more in their marketing activities in 2014, compared to 54% in 2013 and 45% in 2012, a new report from Responsys and Econsultancy shows. Just over a third of marketers are looking to keep their budget the same, and only 6% are aiming to decrease spending.

61% Of Companies Increase Analytics Budget, But Skills Gap Remains An Issue

mobile video Social Media Influencer

According to the latest Measurement and Analytics Report by Econsultancy and Lynchpin, 61% of companies are setting aside more money for analytics technology, compared to just over a third (35%) last year. However, despite expanding budgets, there still remains a skills gap when it comes to putting this tech to use, says Econsultancy editor-in-chief Graham […]

61% Of Consumers Approve Of Digital Ads

AUK Advertising

According to a new survey, the majority of UK consumers are supportive of online ads and acknowledge how important they are for the digital industry.

61% Opt For Cards Over Cash For Small Purchases

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

Over the past few months there have been various polls gauging consumer attitude towards forms of contactless payment, showing a general polarisation of opinions. However, UK consumers seem to be feeling increasingly comfortable when it comes to contactless payment, especially for smaller sums of money, according to a new survey from Barclaycard.

63% of Consumers Reluctant To Share Personal Data With Apps

Mobile App Data Security

A report from global trade association MEF, carried out in partnership with On Device Research, which was intended to sound out consumers’ feelings on applications collecting and using personal information for business purposes. The research found that just 37% of the respondents to a survey of 9,500 people don’t mind providing private data with an […]

63% Of UK Consumers More Loyal To Brands Using Personal Data Effectively

Experimental Marketing

We all know that consumer data contributes to a brand’s marketing success, but according to a new report form Transactis, the correct use of data continues to open the way into more consumers’ hearts and earn their trust, loyalty, and respect.

64% of Tech-Savvy UK Online Shoppers Complain Of Bad Customers Service

Customer Experience UX UI

More than six in 10 online shoppers in the UK are not satisfied with the customer service they get from businesses on the web, which implies that e-businesses could be losing billions of pounds as a result of their inadequate treatment of customers.

65% Top UK Food Brands Run From Abroad

AgencyUK consumer brand

British consumers have a tradition of supporting and preferring domestic businesses, especially when it comes to food, but things may be changing according to a new survey from research firm Nielsen and trade magazine The Grocer that was published today.

66% of B2C Marketers Rank Email Above Social Media for Acquisition

Email marketing

Consumers may have gone ga-ga over social media but it does not mean that advertisers can afford to turn their backs completely on customer engagement methods that have stood the test of time.

66% of Marketers to Invest more in Tech in 2015

Men working in office

Around two-thirds of marketers questioned in a survey by Marketing Land said that they plan to spend more on marketing technology in the upcoming year. The survey polled 182 marketing professionals from both B2B and B2C businesses.

66% of UK consumers buy on multi-channel

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

A new report out this morning describes a new phenomenon in UK consumer habits, according to a survey from loyalty marketing analyst GI Insight. Modern consumers use shops as showrooms to see and try out products, before deciding whether to buy them, as it often happens these days, online.

66% of UK consumers shop offline then buy online

Teen brand retail eCommerce

An emerging phenomenon in UK consumer habits, according to a survey from loyalty marketing analyst GI Insight, shows modern consumers are using shops as showrooms to see and try out products, before deciding whether to buy them online.

68% Of UK Marketers Rate Email As Best Channel For ROI

Email marketing

UK marketers continue to view email as the channel generating the highest return on investment (ROI), Econsultancy has found in its Email Marketing Industry Census.

69% Of Britons Influenced By Friends And Family On Purchases

Baby boomer consumer generation

It’s in people’s nature to search for a second opinion when choosing a good dentist, a nice restaurant or a manicurist, for example. It also turns out that Britons rely on their families or friends most when planning purchases; receiving recommendations like this on a new product would make 68% of UK consumers more likely […]

70% of companies worldwide have social media presence

Social Media channel advertising users

As the advertising market becomes more competitive, marketers have to come up with fresh ideas to engage consumers. According to new research, UK marketers are missing out on opportunities given by social media.

71% Of Marketers Motivated By ‘Interesting Work’

Marketer Branding Agency AUK Strategy

According to a recent poll which focused on a number of professions by recruitment consultant Robert Walters, marketers tend to put a lot of pressure on their own contribution to a company and are mainly influenced to work hard if presented with interesting tasks, Marketing Week reports. The poll questioned 1,150 professionals from 14 professions; […]

74% Of Online Retailers Lose Sales Due To “Irrelevant Promotions”

eBay Shopping Retail Consumer eCommerce Web

A new study by OrderDynamics reveals that just under three-quarters of online retailers (74%) miss out on sales because they have promoted items of little relevance to their shoppers, reports Digital Marketing Magazine.

74% Of Online Sharing Is Untraceable

Social Media Trend Jacking

Recent research from RadiumOne has found that 74% of online sharing activity in the UK comes from what is referred to as ‘dark social’ activities, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK claims. Such ‘dark social’ methods include emails, forums and instant messaging and are untraceable by analytics tools.

75% Of Small Retailers Ignore Mobile

Mobile ecommerce security

These days it seems nearly impossible to talk about successful marketing strategies and fail to mention mobile as an essential tool for growth. However, it seems that adopting the channel is no mean feat for the vast majority of small and medium-size businesses in the UK.

75% of UK Small Firms Use Social Media

Social Media groups

It would seem impossible to imagine modern business without social media, and apparently the majority of UK firms think so too.

78% of UK buyers would buy an electric car

Electric Car Brands

A new study into the future of automobile production by Marketing Weekly claims that eco cars are still its future, even though UK consumers have not been particularly active in that area of the market. They’ve suggested that the reason may lie in the focus of their advertising.

79% Of UK Consumers Engage In Multi-Screening

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Internet tools and the digital world are an inseparable part of our lives, but spending time online has never been so attractive to Britons. Not only are they among the most avid media users globally, but they simply cannot get enough of it, so they adopt multi-screen viewing as well, a new survey from the […]

8 Steps To Developing An Effective Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Marketing

The first two things that need to be fully understood in order to develop a social media content strategy are:1. What is content marketing?2. Why social media?Now, these may seem like fairly simple concepts for marketers to understand – they’ve certainly been around for a few years now and most professionals and non-professionals alike think […]

8 Things We’ve Learned from the John Lewis Christmas Ad

Christmas retail advertising

by Zane Radcliffe, Creative Director at AgencyUK It’s big, it’s bold and it’s trending. But what can we really learn from the Man on the Moon?  1. Almost any song in the entire history of rock can reduce unsuspecting consumers to tears by simply employing a helium-voiced female singer to warble coyly over a whimsical, […]

8% Decline in UK online retail fraud

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

Following our recent article on consumers becoming increasingly conscious of eCommerce fraud, online shopping has in fact reached its lowest level for more than five years, according to figures presented last week by Financial Fraud Action UK.

80% of UK CMOs unsure of how to adopt social media

AUK Chat app software

A recent global study has shown chief marketing officers (CMOs) in the UK and Ireland are not dealing with social media and the data explosion as successfully as their counterparts around the globe.

80% Of UK Mums Engage In E-Shopping Every Month

TV Advertising Spend

I remember reading recently about research from BabyCentre that established a significant increase in use of the Internet and digital devices by UK women once they become mums. It seems that a combination of widespread technology use and the abundance of bargains online has helped turn UK mums into ardent e-shoppers and 80% of them […]

84% Of Global Consumers Use Shopping Lists When Buying Groceries

Supermarket branding

A new study by Nielsen’s research into global consumer shopping behaviour this week, reveals that the majority of people (84%) rarely enter a grocery store without a shopping list. Some 88% always compare prices when in-store as they seek to make the best deal and cut back on spending, the researcher said.

88% Of UK Brands Now Have A Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media groups

One growing trend to keep an eye on in the UK throughout 2014 will be that of content marketing, experts predict. An impressive 88% of marketers in January last year admitted to using the tactic to increase both their sales and consumer loyalty, according to a poll conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and […]

89% Of Mums Influenced By Coupons When Shopping

Mums Consumer

Printed and digital coupons influence the buying behaviour of nearly one in nine supermarket-shopping mothers, new research from women’s online community shows.

90% Of Britons Love E-Commerce But Delivery Services Disappoint

eCommerce AUK Web

E-commerce has been the one constant bright spot on the UK retail landscape for quite a while now. Britain has earned quite a reputation for its digitally savvy population and its love of online shopping, with 90% of Britons expecting to maintain or exceed their current level of online spending through to 2017.

92% Of UK Adults Reluctant To Share Personal Data With Social Networks

Social Media Channels

A recent study from professional services company EY suggests that UK adults are more comfortable sharing personal details with government bodies than with private sector organisations such as social media platforms.

92% Of Web Consumers More Disposed To Open Ads In Niche Sites

AUK Advertising

Marketers should get accustomed to the fact that, when looking for particular information, consumers prefer visiting sites that are already in their personal list of top venues and rarely turn to websites that are not specific to their interests.

95% of brands struggle to show real ROI

Consumer Branding

UK brands are quite obviously active advertisers and employ various integrated channels but they still find it difficult to see ROI, a recent survey from BSkyB’s own research unit Sky IQ suggests.

A Day in the Life of a Senior Account Manager

People in a meeting

As a Senior Account Manager at AgencyUK, my day revolves around our B2C (business-to-consumer) clients. Working within the Client Services team here at AUK means you’re at the heart of everything that happens, building solid relationships with both the client and our internal teams and ensuring projects run smoothly. At AgencyUK, our day starts with […]

A Great Tablet Experience Has A Positive Effect On Brand Perception

Data marketing Kindle and Amazon

Receiving a good shopping experience on tablets is starting to have an effect on the relationship between a consumer and a brand, technology platform company Usablenet claims. A positive online shopping experience is key to successful e-commerce, a recent white paper article from the company reveals.

A month in the life of an intern at AgencyUK

We’re pleased to say that James Slater has recently joined the AgencyUK team as part of his Business Management with Marketing degree at UWE. For 9 months, he will be playing a key role in the Client Services department as well as assisting other teams across the agency. After one month in the job, James […]

A team from AgencyUK run the Bath Half!

CHARITY NEWS: A team of five runners from Bath-based integrated marketing agency, The Agency completed the Bath Half Marathon at the weekend, to raise over £600 for the Great Western Air Ambulance charity.

A Virtual Reality Check

Virtual Reality Digital Channel

Virtual reality is set to explode as 2016 is hailed as the year that VR hits the mainstream. Previously only the remit of developers and die hard obsessives, the long awaited release of Oculus Rift pre-order has everyone excited that the virtual world is soon to become a reality for the everyday consumer. The recent […]

AA/Warc Report Paints Mixed Picture For UK Advertising Market

Advertising AgencyUK Global Launch

There have been a number of reports recently with an overall optimistic tone, either revealing increased advertising expenditure in one segment or another or forecasting growth for the rest of the year and further ahead.

Ad blocking and the Publisher Model

by AgencyUK’s Digital Media Manager, Ian Young Online ad blocking is a hot topic right now. According to PageFair, the number of UK users of ad blocking tools reached 12 million last year. The graph below shows the increasing trend in the number of consumer searches on Google for ad blocking terms. It’s an issue […]

Ad Frequency Increase Could Fuel Negative Reaction From Marketers

Outdoor Out of Home Advertising

Earlier this month Facebook silently doubled the number of ads that appear on a user’s news feed from a page they are not connected to, Marketing Week reports. However, by increasing the number of ads seen from one to two a day, the social networking site risks a kickback from marketers and users alike.

Adding Mobile To Retargeting Mix Boosts Sales By 18%

Male Shopper Consumers eCommerce

Marketers are using various tactics to regain the interest of customers who have been inactive over a certain period of time, or of those who did not make a purchase after visiting a brand’s website. Many resort to sending re-engagement e-mails to offer tempting discounts, but results from a new research suggest that adding a […]

Advertisers Relocate Budgets From TV To Digital Video

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Most brand marketers and advertising agency executives expect original digital video to become as important to their business and marketing strategies as TV advertising, and are willing to relocate advertisement spending from TV to the Internet, a survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals.

Advertising Budgets On The Rise

Outdoor Out of Home Advertising

Advertising budgets in the UK have seen a slight growth of 1% year-on-year, a new report the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has found.

Advertising might work, who’d a thunk it? | Brand Republic Feature

AUK Advertising

We’re in the midst of man bird pig flu panic. We all ignored the letters from our GPs. Seems fair really, they do tend to ignore our requests for appointments. But the result is men, women and children are dropping like flies around us.
Now some brig…

After TV Sets, Users Prefer To Watch On Tablets – Not Desktop

Twitter social commerce

New research from IpsosMediaCT for Thinkbox has found that tablets (for example the iPad from Apple, the Galaxy from Samsung and the Nexus from Google) will soon overtake laptops as the device of choice for users who wish to watch a film or TV show not on their TV sets, Brand Republic reports.

Agencies & Clients Require Clearer Briefs

AUK Appoint Creative Director

A new survey, titled ‘Enhancing Client/Agency Relations 2015’ has discovered that professionals from both sides have differing views on what they believe are the most important aspects of their working relationship, Warc reports. The two specific areas directly mentioned are briefs and compensations. The survey was carried out by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) […]

AgencyUK ‘in pieces’ over success of the first ever National Jigsaw Day

Last week the inaugural National Jigsaw Day was celebrated around the UK. The campaign was orchestrated by marketing agency AgencyUK on behalf of client, Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, who recently appointed the agency to look after an integrated Christmas campaign. AgencyUK’s Social & PR team devised a campaign which celebrated the simple pleasure of the jigsaw […]

AgencyUK announce Air Products PLC account win

Air Products Appoint AUK

Air Products plc, the 10 billion dollar global gas and chemicals company has appointed 2008 start-up TheAgency to spearhead their Europe-wide communication for performance chemical solutions in the construction market.

AgencyUK Appointed to Launch e-Tailer

AgencyUK have been appointed by founder and serial entrepreneur Mathew March-Smith to launch Pestle Herbs, his latest venture catering to the increasingly aware ethical consumer. Mathew has a string of successes under his belt, including a leading London digital agency and the much-revered is a unique online business that fills the retail gap […]

AgencyUK Appointed to launch Falk Outdoors’s new Tiger outdoor navigation system

AgencyUK has been appointed by Falk Outdoor, a leading German satellite navigation brand, to handle the European launch for their new consumer product, Tiger. AgencyUK was appointed following a competitive two-way pitch and the brief encompasses a new brand and market strategy for Tiger, as well as developing packaging, creative and web assets ready for […]

AgencyUK appointed to launch inward investment service by Bristol and Bath

Bristol temple quarter enterprise zone advertising

The Bristol and Bath Inward Investment Service, a partnership between Bristol, Bath, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils designed to promote the region to on-shore and overseas investors, have appointed The Agency, based in Bath, to handle the brand, marketing and promotional roll-out for the region’s Enterprise Areas and Zone.

AgencyUK appointed to raise awareness of The Institute of Osteopathy

The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) has launched its first national UK campaign ahead of the General Election on 12th December. It is the first campaign created by AgencyUK, since their appointment as iO’s agency of record. The disruptive copy reads ‘We believed in freedom of movement. Discover your Osteopath. They provide a drug free, whole […]

AgencyUK Appoints Matt Rees As Planning Director

Men working in office

After a heady start to 2012 and revenue figures that show exponential growth in excess of 300% for Quarter 1, TheAgency have appointed Matt Rees as Planning Director. Matt joins AgencyUK having been Planning Director for Bray Leino Bristol.

AgencyUK attempts longest selfie chain World Record for Send a Cow

On 10th November hundreds gathered at Bath Spa University to help Send A Cow attempt the longest selfie chain – an event orchestrated by local integrated marketing agency, AgencyUK. Students and volunteers came together to snap pictures in pairs, passing a phone down the line to try and break the world record. Send a Cow […]

AgencyUK attends preview of Banksy’s Dismaland

Banksy Dismaland AgencyUK

Graffiti artist Banksy has announced his latest exhibition – Dismaland – a “bemusement park” held at a derelict seafront lido in Weston-super-Mare. Dismaland is to feature works from artists Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer and Jimmy Cauty as well as Banksy. The exhibition will take over the Tropicana site for the next six weeks, described by Banksy as […]

AgencyUK Big Bake Off for Comic Relief

Comic relief bakery

The Agency’s Creative, Media, Tech and Client Services teams pitted against each other for the crown of Bake Off Comic Relief Champion on Red Nose Day.

AgencyUK BSM Summer Campaign Hits the Beach | Marketing Week

AgencyUK launch BSM summer campaign

BSM, the UK’s largest driving school, has launched an integrated summer ad campaign designed to strengthen the brand’s youth appeal and drive lesson bookings during its 100th Anniversary year.

AgencyUK c’est magnifique in Bath Boules Championship

By Katie Oliver – Hayesfield School, Bath: Work Experience at AgencyUK It was a winning week for The Agency last week! Fresh from taking five chips and the Grand Prix in the Chip Shop Awards and a gong at the RAR Digital Awards – last Friday the whole company took the day off to compete […]

AgencyUK Celebrate BSM 100th Birthday | Marketing Week

BSM, the largest and most established driving school in the UK, is launching its ‘Pass on the BIG 100’ campaign in January, created by TheAgency to celebrate its 100th birthday.

AgencyUK celebrates 16 years

South West-based brand and communications specialist AgencyUK has announced record growth as evolutions in the company’s culture continue to drive unprecedented levels of performance, despite an economically turbulent period for many. AgencyUK (AUK) achieved record numbers in their 2023 financial results, following two years of cultural alignment and investment in their new Senior Management Team […]

AgencyUK comment on Virtual Currency | New Media Age


As Facebook prepares to roll out its Credits virtual currency, the social gaming industry is taking an interest. But there are still concerns about its potential for take-up among gamers.

AgencyUK create multi-media launch for BSM Fiat 500 | Marketing Week

AgencyUK Fiat 500m Launch

BSM, the largest and most established driving school in the UK, is launching its ‘Beautifully Simple’ campaign, created by AgencyUK to mark its relationship with Fiat 500 across multi- media platforms.

AgencyUK Creates Tailor-made Campaign for Indian Sauces

AgencyUK has teamed up with The Spice Tailor to promote their unique brand of Indian sauces in the UK and Australia. Created by TV chef Anjum Anand, The Spice Tailor utilises authentic ingredients that can be ‘tailored to taste’ in a convenient, three-step cooking process. AgencyUK was tasked with launching an above-the-line campaign for the […]

AgencyUK delivers integrated campaign for Chang Beer

Earlier this year ThaiBev-owned brand Chang Beer appointed Bath-based marketing firm AgencyUK to run an integrated PR, social media, creative and experiential marketing campaign to increase awareness of the product and its new SKU. Using the “refreshingly Thai” strapline, AgencyUK organised a series of events to create a greater awareness of the brand and showcase […]

AgencyUK Dominate 2013 Marketing Industry Awards

People receiving reward

Bath based Planning, Creative, Technology and Media firm AgencyUK have dominated the prestigious Marketing Industry Network Awards this year, picking up four awards out of six nominations. AgencyUK team saw off stiff competition from larger established agencies to take The SW Best Marketing Business of the Year, Best UK Small Agency of the Year, Best […]

AgencyUK earns six nominations in the 2015 Cream Awards

Awards AgencyUK Winners

The Cream Awards aim to showcase the very best work within the Midlands, East, South West & Wales. Flying the flag for the South West, AgencyUK has received an impressive six nominations in categories that include best TV/cinema advert [Welsh Lamb], press campaign [The Spice Tailor], outdoor campaign [Hornby], copywriting and item of self promotion. […]

AgencyUK Grows Again

Brand and response marketing specialist, AgencyUK, has strengthened its team further on the back of its recent BSM lead creative agency account win with the appointment of three new staff.

AgencyUK Halloween Happy Hour

Halloween Advertising CAMPAIGN

This year we decided to celebrate Halloween by brewing some gruesome cocktail concoctions for our very own Halloween happy hour. AgencyUK’s different teams picked a Halloween inspired cocktail and were each judged by the group on taste, originality and deadliness. Here are some of our creepy cocktail recipes for you to have a go at […]

AgencyUK Help Slimming Brand Swell Sales Through Boots Retailers

Slimsticks slimming brand

Slimsticks, a natural weight loss aid has enjoyed a dramatic rise in sales since securing retail distribution with more than 700 UK Boots stores late last year. The growth has been in part due to recent press coverage and online advertising campaigns planned and created by advertising specialists AgencyUK.

AgencyUK help Westfield Health turn workaholics into walkaholics

Earlier this year, award-winning communications firm AgencyUK was appointed by leading provider of workplace health and wellbeing cover, Westfield Health, to launch a new campaign for National Walking Month. Following a successful internal campaign in 2015 Westfield Health wanted to grow its Walking Month campaign into something that would resonate with a wider audience. AgencyUK […]

AgencyUK helps charity Send a Cow raise over £2.3million

Last October AgencyUK was appointed by international development charity Send a Cow to promote their Christmas fundraising campaign. The Bath-based charity’s campaign was given extra impetus as the Government had agreed to match every donation, £1 for £1 until December 31st 2015. The Planting Hope campaign kicked off with a Guinness World Record attempt for […]

AgencyUK helps consumers Discover Delicious food and drink from Wales

June 2018 heralds a consumer-wide launch for DiscoverDelicious.Wales.  The only marketplace of its kind, it celebrates Wales’ best loved producers and the incredible produce that has made them local foodie favourites. Bringing Welsh flavours to consumers’ tables and putting Welsh food on the map. The integrated consumer launch campaign developed by AgencyUK that includes TV advertising, […]

AgencyUK launch ‘refreshingly Thai’ experiential activation for Chang Beer

AgencyUK launched a ‘refreshingly Thai’ experience at Westfield Stratford City last week in their latest experiential activation for popular Thai Beer brand Chang Beer. Londoners were invited to receive a free ‘massage in a bottle’ inside a 2-metre-high replica of the new green Chang Beer bottle design that has just launched in the UK. Award-winning […]

AgencyUK Launch “Not All Lamb Is Created Equal” Campaign To Promote Welsh Lamb

Welsh Lamb HHC

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC), the organisation responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh meat and Bath-based integrated communications firm AgencyUK, have launched this year’s national advertising campaign to promote Welsh Lamb. The campaign’s strategic objective is to increase awareness of the brand and clearly differentiate it from the competition.

AgencyUK launch “The Knife Sentence” with Readipop artists for Thames Valley Police

Knife angel statue

Thames Valley Police have partnered with AgencyUK to launch their latest campaign tackling knife crime in Milton Keynes. ‘The Knife Sentence’ invites young people aged 11-25 to sing, rap and speak about their feelings on knife crime, and comes as part of December’s ‘Month of Action Against Violence’, during which the ‘Knife Angel’, a 27ft […]

AgencyUK Launch Augmented Reality Brand Experience with Aurasma

Augmented reality advertising media

As part of a new campaign for the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, an initiative focussed on attracting major investment for the redevelopment of more than 70 hectares of central Bristol real estate, TheAgency have opted to launch an augmented reality experience, in partnership with Aurasma and MediaGrand.

AgencyUK launch Freedom of Movement campaign ahead of Election Day

The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) has launched its first national UK campaign ahead of the General Election on 12th December. It is the first campaign created by AgencyUK, since the organisation’s appointment by iO’s agency of record. The campaign, titled Freedom of Movement, is the first step towards raising broader consumer awareness of the importance […]

AgencyUK launch NHS campaign to change frontline consumer behaviour.

AgencyUK NHS Dial 111 Campaign

AgencyUK have announced the launch of the latest NHS public campaign which is designed to encourage people to call ‘111’ rather than ‘999’ when they have non- emergency minor conditions. The campaign activity is aimed at high risk groups in deprived areas, those with poorer access to GP care, or people with small children, young […]

AgencyUK launch TV campaign for Children’s Hospice South West

Children's Hospice Charity TV Advertising Campaign

Children’s Hospice South West are one of the largest children’s hospice charities in the UK, providing Children’s palliative, respite, end-of-life and bereavement care for children with life limiting and life threatening illnesses and their families from the South West England region. Before the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, CHSW had already identified a need to […]

AgencyUK Launch UK Youth Insight Research Panel Service

Research Group

A new youth marketing insight service is being launched by AgencyUK, a leading brand and response marketing consultancy. Bike Shed will provide clients with exclusive access to a range of programmes delving into the minds and attitudes of young people aged between 16 and 19.

AgencyUK launch Youth Motor insurance brand advertising campaign

motor insurance brand i-Kube

iKube, the specialist youth motor insurance company have unveiled their new brand, website and advertising campaign aimed at 17 to 25 year old drivers.

AgencyUK Launches

Advertising AgencyUK Global Launch

Following the news in late December 2007 that Rapier would consolidate its regional business back into London, a new team of agency planners, creative’s, account managers and designers have this week announced their startup. TheAgency is a unique mix of senior advertising and brand experts, as well as direct response specialists. The idea is to […]

AgencyUK launches National Jigsaw Day for Wentworth Puzzles

AgencyUK will be launching the first ever National Jigsaw Day with Wentworth Wooden Puzzles to celebrate the rewarding benefits of jigsaws, as well as a nationwide search for a ‘Minister for Jigsaws’. On Tuesday 3rd November jigsaw fans are encouraged to start puzzling and share pictures of themselves enjoying jigsaws on social media with the […]

AgencyUK launches new product ranges for Pestle Herbs

Pestle Herbs eCommerce Brand NPD

The misery of summertime itching , sleepless nights and endless winter sniffles could be left behind as AgencyUK launch a series of new product ranges from online e-tailer, Pestle Herbs, with a targeted digital campaign. The campaign follows the agency’s appointment earlier this year to develop brand strategy and manage brand communications. fills the […]

AgencyUK launches new TV campaign for Welsh Lamb

AgencyUK (formerly The Agency) has released its first fully integrated TV-led campaign for Welsh Lamb. The TV ad, entitled ‘First words’, launched on 2nd September and features the brand’s new strapline: ‘There’s lamb… and there’s Llamb’. The action opens on three generations of a family enjoying lunch. The young boy announces ‘Lamb!’ when it is […]

AgencyUK launches the first ever Llamb’s Day for Welsh Lamb

AgencyUK launched the inaugural Llamb’s Day on 1st August 2016 for client Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) – to raise awareness of the seasonality of Welsh Lamb. The newly created Llamb’s Day kicked off Welsh Lamb’s summer and autumn marketing campaign efforts, celebrating the start of the season for buying high quality […]

AgencyUK Lead Gaming Titles Re-launch :: Marketing Week

Future Publishing Sony Channel FirstCast

Future, the special-interest media group, has appointed AgencyUK, a leading brand and response marketing agency to develop creative online and print advertising for several of its high profile gaming brands.

AgencyUK look to Polish digital experts

AUK Poland Web Team

In an economically driven move, TheAgency has decided to produce part of its web development in Krakow, Poland. The decision is largely influenced by the mass relocation of a UK based Polish workforce, due to favourable economic conditions back home, and a relaxation on the tax benefits earned abroad. Many Polish workers have started to […]

AgencyUK nominated for 10 Drum Recommends Awards

AUK Drum Interview

South-West based team, AgencyUK has been nominated for 10 awards within the ‘Overall Agency’ and ‘Under 40 Staff Agency’ category groups for Drum Recommends, qualified by independent client ratings. AgencyUK is an independent integrated brand communications agency based in the South West who are passionate about working with brands they believe in. With a strategic […]

AgencyUK Nominated for Four RAR Digital Awards 2015

AUK Drum Interview

Bath-based integrated communications firm AgencyUK have been nominated in four categories in this years prestigious RAR Digital Awards. Famed for being an “award like no other”, the RAR Digital Awards are intended to give recognition to UK digital agencies that excel at delivering the highest levels of service, and are judged by their toughest critics […]

AgencyUK Nominated in Record 6 Drum Digital Awards

AgencyUK have been nominated for a record 6 awards at this years Drum Recommends Digital ceremony. The Drum Recommends carries with it a level of prestige and validation that exceeds most standard industry awards, as the nominations are based on a complex review process that includes annual performance, financial performance and most importantly past and […]

AgencyUK Online Advertising Agency Winners 2019

After receiving a record 6 nominations at this years Drum Digital Awards, south west based AgencyUK walked away the countries leading Online Advertising Agency under 40-people. The nominations round off a year which saw the team win Advertising Agency of 2019 in May, as well as a string of new client wins. Established in 2008 […]

AgencyUK Photoshop Wars: Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Last week saw the Bristol Balloon Fiesta return to the South West for its 37th year. That morning Paul, our Technical Lead, received an image from someone who was working in an office overlooking Bristol and the view was quite special. Paul decided to share the image around AgencyUK office. Creative Director Zane replied “Contrast needs tweaking … […]

AgencyUK puts Principality at heart of the community

AgencyUK Principality Campaign

Principality, the leading Welsh building society has undertaken an ambitious campaign to seek out and reward individuals who have made a measurable difference to people’s lives in Wales.

AgencyUK raises awareness for Julian House Christmas Appeal

Cartoon of people outside building with Christmas tree

Julian House is a charity that supports vulnerable and at-risk individuals, including those experiencing homelessness, escaping domestic abuse, adults with learning difficulties, and people needing support after leaving prison. Last year they provided help for over 1,600 vulnerable individuals across the South West, while their outreach teams supported more than 600 people on the streets. […]

AgencyUK Rank As No.1 Digital Agency In UK’s Biggest Industry Census

Bristol, Bath and the South West of England is fast becoming one the UK’s top hotspots for creative and digital services. Already celebrating some of Britain’s most successful exports including Aardman Animation, Dyson and Banksy, the two cities are now home to some of the UK’s top creative and digital agencies, many of which are […]

AgencyUK Ranked a Top 100 UK Design Agency by The Drum

AUK Drum Interview

Bath based integrated marketing firm AgencyUK have been listed in The Drum Magazine’s Top 100 UK Design Agency’s following their exceptional growth and financial performance throughout 2012. The result positions The Agency as a Top 5 South West design agency. Last November AgencyUK were ranked 45 in the UK’s Top 100 Agencies for 2013 by […]

AgencyUK Ranked a Top 100 UK Design Agency by The Drum

AUK Drum Interview

Bath based integrated marketing firm AgencyUK have been listed in The Drum Magazine’s Top 100 UK Design Agency’s following their exceptional growth and financial performance throughout 2012. The result positions AgencyUK as a Top 5 South West design agency. Last November AgencyUK were ranked 45 in the UK’s Top 100 Agencies for 2013 by the […]

AgencyUK rated No 1 independent marketing agency in the UK

After a recent wave of awards success, Bath-based integrated marketing firm, AgencyUK has been announced as the No 1 independent agency in the UK, according to The Drum’s annual national Agency Census.

AgencyUK re-launch global catering specialist brand BerkeleyScott

Berkeley Scott appoint AUK

Leading brand and response company AgencyUK has relaunched BerkeleyScott, the UK’s leader in hospitality and leisure recruitment. The relaunch includes new branding, website design, web-copy and web-architecture and an innovative print advertising campaign. The relaunch will present BerkeleyScott Ltd as a premium recruiter, once a core strength of the company which has become diluted over […]

AgencyUK recruits Zane Radcliffe as Creative Director

AUK Appoint Creative Director

AgencyUK – a triple winner at the recent Drum Network Awards – is building on a hugely successful 2014 with the appointment of Zane Radcliffe to its creative hot seat.

AgencyUK Rides High With Hat Trick Sports Brand Portfolio Wins

AgencyUK have introduced 3 new sports brands to their portfolio of clients following a focused new business campaign ahead of Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Ride Smart, Jon Pitts Human Performance and Flora Harris Eventing are all well known brands among the equestrian elite athlete fraternity. Each has appointed AgencyUK to the planning and […]

AgencyUK sampling of 50k loaves

AgencyUK Launch Glutafin wheat free bread

Glutafin, the prescription-only gluten-free food brand, is to mail 50,000 sample loaves of its new gluten-free fresh bread to UK coeliacs as part of an integrated launch created by AgencyUK.

AgencyUK Scores a Hat-Trick of Awards at the Emirates Stadium

AgencyUK Drum Network Awards

Bath-based integrated marketing communications agency, AgencyUK scored a hat-trick last night after winning top accolades at a leading awards ceremony for the Marketing industry, held at The Emirates Stadium in London (Thursday 6th November).

AgencyUK Shortlisted for Eight Leading Industry Awards

AUK Drum Interview

Integrated marketing firm, AgencyUK is shortlisted in eight categories at the leading Industry RAR awards.

AgencyUK shortlisted for two SPARKies Awards

Awards AgencyUK Winners

The team at AgencyUK have been shortlisted in two categories at the upcoming Bath SPARKies – the awards for Bath’s digital industry and a strong focus on the UK’s South West.

AgencyUK sign exclusivity contract with AdLib

AUK Appoint AdLib agency

Leading brand response company TheAgency has signed a Managed Recruitment Service contract with specialist media, creative and marketing recruiters, Ad Lib.

AgencyUK spring launch campaign for mattress brand SleepHack

sleephack mattress

AgencyUK has been appointed by Plitex Europe (trading as SleepHack) to complete a branding project and integrated launch campaign. The brainchild of a materials scientist, a bioengineer and a bedding industry veteran, SleepHack is the most technically advanced mattress to hit the market. AgencyUK has developed the SleepHack brand, designed and built the website — […]

AgencyUK strengthens its integrated team

AgencyUK Studio

Bath-based integrated creative agency AgencyUK has hired Paul Surridge as Art Director and Sophie Bullock as junior account manager.

AgencyUK Take Flight With 36% Growth and Executive Appointments

Apprentice creative agency

Bath based Brand, Creative, Digital and Social firm AgencyUK have promoted Planning Director Matt Rees to agency Partner, following a 12-month period of unprecedented growth. The latest set of filed company accounts show that AgencyUK turnover has increased by 30% and gross profit by 36% in the period ending January 2013, a continuation of 2012’s […]

AgencyUK takes home another win at the Chip Shop Awards

Bath-based integrated advertising and marketing firm AgencyUK has won another Chip Shop award for its creative work on a poster ad for train ticket website A celebration of creativity, the Chip Shop Awards are unusual as they allow for creatives to submit work for any brand they like – whether a client or not. […]

AgencyUK takes home prestigious Chairman’s Award at Drum Network Awards

Leading integrated marketing agency AgencyUK has rounded off a successful year with five wins at the prestigious Drum Network Awards, including the coveted Chairman’s Award for its work with Welsh Lamb. AgencyUK also took home awards for Agency Creative Team of the Year, Crisis PR Strategy, Food and Drink Campaign of the Year for its […]

AgencyUK Takes Home Two RAR Awards

Leading independent integrated marketing firm, AgencyUK has won two awards at the prestigious Industry awards, the RARs (Recommended Agency Register awards). The RARs are different from other agency awards, entrants are judged by clients, not a judging panel. To stand out, you have to really prove that your agency delivers outstanding results and the highest […]

AgencyUK Tech Team: Parallax Scrolling Websites

Website Eye tracking research UX UI

Our Tech Team here at AgencyUK have a lot to say about technology. This post is the first in a series delivered by our Tech Team to provoke discussion and opinion on all things Tech, so get involved! One of the hottest web design trends nowadays is parallax scrolling, which involves independently moving backgrounds and […]

AgencyUK to promote affordable home ownership

Campaign Promotion Affordable Housing Charity

Sovereign Living, part of Sovereign Housing Group, one of the largest social housing groups in the country, has appointed TheAgency to raise the profile of affordable home ownership and its developments.

AgencyUK to sponsor Insider Media’s Powering Business event

AUK Oi Conference

Award winning integrated marketing firm AgencyUK is to sponsor Insider Media’s Powering Business event that takes place this Thursday 22nd October at the Hilton Bath City Hotel. The event is an entrepreneurial conference which enables guest speakers to interact directly with the audience, aiming to help companies succeed and grow by avoiding mistakes others have […]

AgencyUK top Digital Agency in the South West

AgencyUK (formerly The Agency) has been revealed as the top digital agency in the South West, according to The Drum’s Digital Census. The prestigious piece of research produced annually by industry publication, The Drum, reviews the UK’s digital agency sector, taking a measure of its health and success over the previous year and providing a benchmark […]

AgencyUK win £4m BSM account

Women driving car

BSM, the largest and most established driving school in the UK, is driving into a £4 million brand evolution to reinvigorate and modernise the company, to broaden its appeal and be more relevant to the core youth learner market. The move comes ahead of its 100th anniversary in 2010, and is designed to reinforce BSM’s market […]

AgencyUK WIN Recolight 7-fig account

AgencyUK recycling brand

Currently, less than 10 per cent of UK households recycle energy efficient light bulbs, which are classed as hazardous waste due to their mercury content. In a bid to increase this figure to 60 per cent by 2014, Recolight, the specialist recycling service organisation for fluorescent and mercury lamps, has appointed TheAgency in a seven […]

AgencyUK Wins Advertising Agency Of The Year 2019

AgencyUK have been awarded Advertising Agency of the Year having been nominated for a record 10 awards within the ‘Overall Agency’ and ‘Under 40 Staff Agency’ category groups for Drum Recommends 2019. The only awards qualified by independent client ratings. AgencyUK is an independent integrated brand communications agency based in the South West who are […]

AgencyUK Wins Chewits Creative & Social Media Account

Cloetta UK, home of international confectionery brands that include CandyKing and The Jelly Bean Factory, has selected integrated brand comms agency, AgencyUK, to deliver marketing and communication services for its iconic Chewits brand. In response to a three-way competitive pitch, AgencyUK has been selected to provide services including creative brand strategy, public relations, and social […]

AgencyUK Wins Grand Prix at The Drum Creative Awards

The UK’s No.1 Independent marketing agency scooped the top accolade at the annual Chip Shop Awards in London for its disruptive and funny ‘Station Posters’ campaign for Hornby. It capped a successful evening where The Agency showcased the strength and breadth of its creative product, winning four category awards for Best Political Ad (UKIP), Best […]

AgencyUK wins Rex Resorts global creative pitch

Rex Resorts Tourism Brand AUK

Brand response specialist AgencyUK has been appointed by Rex Resorts, the UK’s leading Caribbean hotel and African Safari operator, to create a new direct response print campaign for the brand and also to refresh the brand’s positioning. The move will make it more relevant to a newer, travel savvy target audience and give it a […]

AgencyUK wins RKA account

London Recruitment Brand AUK

AgencyUK wins accountancy recruitment firm’s global brand and sales acquisition strategy Leading brand & response marketing specialist, AgencyUK, has won the integrated brand and sales acquisition strategy for accountancy recruitment specialist, RK Accountancy (part of the Kellan Group).

AgencyUK: Amdaris Win Great British Entrepreneur Award

Amdaris Brand PR Awards AUK

Softech firm Amdaris have won the Great British Entrepreneur Award just 6-months after securing a £6m investment from BGF. The Bristol company has offices in the UK, Dubai, Moldova and Romania, providing software development teams in high profile industries from Oil and Gas to finance and logistics. In 2017 the board appointed AgencyUK to help […]

AgencyUK: most-awarded independent agency in the UK

Awards AgencyUK Winners

Leading Bath-based Integrated marketing firm, AgencyUK has topped a chart of the most-awarded marketing communications agencies in the UK.

AgencyUK’s Tech Director gives talk on Digital Ideation

We’re delighted to announce that AgencyUK’s Technical Director Nick Clarkson will be speaking at the next Bristol BBMN (Bath and Bristol Marketing Network) event.

AgencyUK’s Antibiotic awareness campaign receives national award for its community focus

A campaign created by AgencyUK to help tackle antibiotic resistance by educating parents has just received national recognition at the Antibiotic Guardian Awards. The award comes as news of a ‘dramatic’ reduction in antibiotic prescription has been announced by the NHS this week. The news of the reduction follows the campaign which aimed to increase […]

AgencyUK’s creative is judged Cream of the crop

AUK Drum Interview

AgencyUK’s creative team has returned from a successful night at the Cream Awards in Birmingham, earning six wins from six nominations. With two Gold awards and four Silver, the night showcased the strength and breadth of AgencyUK’s creative product, with category wins embracing TV, posters and press. The funny and disruptive ‘Station Posters’ campaign for […]

AgencyUK’s feeling chipper with five Creative Award nominations

Bath-based integrated advertising and marketing firm AgencyUK has gained its record number of nominations in The Drum’s annual Chip Shop Creative Awards.

AgencyUK’s summer of festivals: a review

As the summer draws to a close, our Social & PR team reflect on their summer of festivals spent with our client Welsh Lamb… Late July saw us head backstage to artists catering at V Festival with celebrity chef Luke Thomas, who was cooking up all sorts of Welsh Lamb delights for the likes of […]

AgencyUK’s Walking Lunch campaign for Westfield Health wins B2B Campaign of the Year at the PRMoment Awards

AgencyUK’s Walking Lunch campaign for Westfield Health in 2016 came away with a top prize at the PRMoment Awards last night, having been named B2B Campaign of the Year. The campaign, which took place during National Walking Month 2016, encouraged teams within businesses to spend their lunch breaks getting out of the office and walking […]

Alive to change: a flexible approach to the ‘always on’ consumer

Virtual Reality Digital Channel

All brands must evolve to survive and thrive. We’ve recently experienced a rapid period of evolution at the freshly branded AgencyUK (formerly The Agency), so we thought it appropriate to offer a few insights into the strategy that lies behind our own agency evolution. For many, the past few years have shown signs of creative […]

All good things come in threes: the power of social, video and Amazon

Social media and video content go together like macaroni and cheese. However, getting the right recipe to drive sales from your video content isn’t always as easy. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know by now the most effective way to engage your audience is with video. According to HubSpot, an astonishing 72% of […]

All Regions But Europe Record Increase In Q1 Ad Spend

European Consumer Advertising

All regions but Europe saw a rise in advertising expenditure in the first three months of the year, recording a 4.4% decline as economic growth on the old continent remained subdued.

Almost 25% Of Britons Use Mobiles To Compare Prices While In-Store

Mobile ecommerce security

Nearly a 25% of UK consumers turned to their mobile devices while shopping in-store to compare prices during the holiday season, as I read in a report from experience design specialist Foolproof.

Altruism or selfishness? | Brand Republic Feature

Mountain on lake

To the casual observer, the recession appears to have made consumers far more careful. But actually, we may be witnessing a more significant change in their behaviour. They are, in fact, becoming considered rather than careful. Consumers are increasingly ready to break away from more ‘conventional’ behaviour. But before we go into the why let’s examine […]

Amazon Opens First Physical Store For Christmas Surge

Amazon user experience ecoomerce retail app

With Christmas swiftly approaching, online retail giant Amazon has opened its first physical store in New York City, The Drum reports. In a move contrary to that of other shopping brands who are focussing on more online availability, Amazon is hoping the first bricks-and-mortar store will act as a mini-warehouse for various items and be […]

Amazon Rated The Number One Company For Customer Experience

Data marketing Kindle and Amazon

A recent study by eDigitalResearch, entitled the ‘eChannel Retail Benchmark’ report, has recently found that Amazon tops the list of retailers in terms of digital customer experience in the UK. The report consists of a mystery shopper survey which looked at the customer experience at ten retailers; including an insight into the first impressions of […]

Amazon Top Social Influencer In The World

Data marketing Kindle and Amazon

According to the recent Klout 50 list, from Lithium Technologies, of the top global companies for social media influence, online retail giant Amazon is the top global brand for this form of influence, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK reports.

Amongst the brand claims and influencer chatter, authenticity reigns

Mobile Advertising Influencer

Trendjacking. Put simply, the art of capitalising on an existing trend with the intention of boosting brand awareness, growth or engagement. This is an act that most brands identify with, and dependent on their chosen course of action, will either thrive or die by. Its success? Authenticity. In the world of PR, trendjacking is a […]

An open letter to the ASA, CAP and Electoral Commission

I write not through political discontent, a disheartening towards our democratic process or through any ill wishes towards Brexit or Remain voters. I write in complaint of the propaganda and battle cries from which all parties fought their corner. In particular, I write to lobby your organisations so that future political campaigns may fall subject […]

Android OS Most Popular In UK with 37% Market Share

Social Media channel advertising users

Apple may still be the leading brand on the UK smartphone market but Google seems to be speeding up in the next lane. According to new figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, published in the Guardian, Google’s smartphone OS, Android, now has the biggest market share.

Android Sales Strengthen Globally

Social Media Content Channels

Smartphones and iPhones have been synonymous in many people’s minds around the world for quite some time now, but things look set to change, as new figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveal that Android-operated mobile devices are enjoying a huge boost in popularity across Europe, the US and Australia. In fact, Google’s Android now accounts […]

Anonymous Apps The Latest Craze

Anonymous apps are gaining in popularity, attracting the attention of children and teenagers due to the anonymous aspect, giving them the opportunity to pour their hearts out without fear of being identified by their audience. Apps like Whisper and Secret have huge audiences because of this, with Whisper estimated to get 3.5 billion views on […]

App Revenues In The UK Increase Dramatically

The revenue generated from apps in the UK is growing faster than downloads, Warc reports, with consumers in possession of a smartphone or tablet looking to gain access to news and entertainment services whilst on the move. The results – which show that app revenue is growing six times faster than downloads – comes from […]

Apple Remains Britain’s “Coolest Brand”

After a recent poll by the CoolBrands List, Apple has remained number one in Britain for the third year in a row, The Guardian reports. The tech firm beat competitors like Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Nike and Aston Martin to the top spot.

Apple To Offer Programmatic Buying Of iAds

According to a recent article on Marketing Week, tech firm Apple is due to begin offering advertisers the chance to buy mobile app inventory with programmatic buys, in an attempt to make its advertising services more accessible. iAds will be made available on a worldwide scale via this method of purchasing as the company looks […]

Apps for kids, the new golden goose?

kids mobile channel advertising content

As the popularity of tablet devices continues to increase, a new and exciting market is emerging. A new article on the topic of smartphone and tablet apps for children, has been published in the Financial Times.

April Fool’s Day: The Best Brand Hoaxes this Year

It’s that time of year again – where brands get extra points for letting loose and showing their real personality. Deceptive, silly and hopefully funny – here are the best ones from this year: 1. Google – Google Plastic Jumping on the current virtual reality hype, Google has launched its latest high tech VR product […]

Are Brands Ditching Social Media?

Social media still leaves some marketers baffled and only a third are actively employing social to promote new products. Another third are abandoning social platforms after failing to make them work to their advantage, Decision Marketing reports.

Are Britons Falling Out Of Love With Facebook?

Facebook social media content

It was quite surprising to find out this week that as many as 600,000 Britons shunned Facebook in December, prompting concerns that the most popular social media platform was running close to saturation in its key markets.

Are Silver Surfers Responsive To Social Media Marketing?

Consumers over the age of 50 are often ignored by online marketing campaigns, as many brands assume this older demographic are not engaged with the digital landscape. However, reports have confirmed the influx of “Silver Surfers” to online channels. Econsultancy has shed light on the matter and revealed the reasons that make it so hard […]

Are today’s “Big Creative” ideas really just small thoughts? | Brand Republic Feature

Men working in office

It has long since struck me that what we do as advertising agencies emulates the music business. Over the past decade band loyalists have diminished, and been replaced with screaming fans in need of a one off lyrical fix, and very few bands are able to sustain the momentum needed to make a regular income.

Are You A Dipper Or A Peacock On Social Media?

Social Media Content Channels

The University of Winchester, in collaboration with first direct, has found that, although they may seem quite similar, active Facebook and Twitter users perceive content on these two channels quite differently. The researchers have separated the types of social media users into 12 groups and here’s an overview of the main characteristics of their behaviour.

Ariel’s New Campaign Seeks Emotional Connection With Consumers

Web analytics tracking gender

Ariel, the laundry detergent line of consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G), is looking to engage consumers by offering them a more intimate and affective approach with its latest campaign, an article I read in Marketing Week suggests.

Articles Voted The Most Helpful Form Of Content

Blogger blog writing content social strategy

A recent survey from the Economist Group and Peppercomm asked B2B marketing executives their opinion on the most helpful forms of content, Marketing Charts reports. The survey found that the overwhelming majority of those questioned found business-related articles to be the most helpful, with 71% of the respondents choosing it as part of their top […]

ASA To Maintain Current Approach To Facebook Brand Pages

Facebook social media content

Last week, Australia’s Advertising Standards Board (ASB) had social media users let out a collective gasp of astonishment and horror after the regulator declared brands responsible for what their Facebook followers post on company walls. The ASB decided that posts constitute advertising regardless of their creator and as such they should abide by the laws […]

Asda Gains On Tesco In Grocery

AgencyUK consumer brand

With Morrison’s falling profits news debated on the BBC this morning. Rarely has competition among the UK’s top retail brands been as fierce as it is these days. With cash-strapped consumers looking for possible ways to reduce costs, retailers’ sales volume and market share matter significantly.

Asda, Tesco Tweak Non-Food Development Strategies

Supermarket Brands Integrated Advertising

UK retailers have had a bit of a rough time lately so the latest news will come as no surprise. The two biggest retailers, Asda and Tesco, have changed their strategies on the development of non-food stores.

Ash Communications Celebrate AgencyUK Win

People at event

Ash Communications celebrates marketing client win second time around. Leading brand & response marketing consultancy AgencyUK, has awarded its PR contract to Ash Communications. The consultancy has been appointed to raise its profile in the advertising, marketing and creative fields, and in vertical market client sectors, and communicate AgencyUK’s focus on delivering a larger return […]

Asos, Amazon Score Top In Customer Satisfaction Index

Augmented reality advertising media

Customer satisfaction is a key concept for retailers who wish to remain competitive. How consumers view and measure good customer service is something that many brands should be interested to hear and the new UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) may offer some insight into that.

AUK & Pimento 6PM Club | Feb 26th @ Walcot House

Sammy MD AgencyUK Pimento Event

6pm Feb 26th @WalcotHouseBath the AUK team be giving a short overview on Kantar | Milward Brown’s Meaningful Difference for Brands. Please join us and our Pimento partners for a few drinks & opportunity to meet some influential marketing folks. to register.

AUK completes brand refresh and website launch for Iridium Insights

AUK Iridium Insights Brand

AgencyUK has developed a full brand strategy and online presence for FMCG industry business intelligence company Iridium Insights. The company, which was formed by consumer industry experts with 20 years experience of data management and market analysis within business intelligence, came to AgencyUK for a new brand and website to better align with the company’s […]

AUK Creates  ‘Panto Farm’ Mockumentary for Local Charity

AgencyUK has launched an online Christmas film for Send a Cow, a Bath-based charity dedicated improving the lives of African families. ‘#PantoFarm’ was shot as a spoof documentary concerning a rural cattle farmer who breeds pantomime cows for panto season. Assisted by his ‘principal boy’ Beth – sorry, Bob – he fattens up his herd […]

AUK on Glaxo Smithkline | Marketing Week

AUK GSK Opinion

In response to a release on 15th Sept 2010 by GSK in Marketing Week “GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer healthcare division is looking to bolster its understanding of its customers’ online shopping habits and improve the marketing of its products with the launch of an online store.”

AUK PodCast: How we navigate Covid19 as we ramp up for work

Sammy PodCast AgencyUK

Part of the GYDA Initiative. By no means an exhaustive list and very high level but a good start when prioritising decision making. First two Top Tips… 1. Stay positive 2. Protect the business Full Podcast here

Australia Prefers News Content In Digital Form

Digital Media Agency User Experience

According to a new piece of research from Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA), 58% of news readers prefer to receive their news stories in a digital form, The Newspaper Works reports. This figure rises even further for those aged 25 to 54, reaching 66%.

Auto Brands Among Biggest Mobile Ad Spenders

Automotive carshop car sales

It was quite interesting to discover that car manufacturers have been among the 10 biggest spenders on mobile marketing for more than two years, spending 72% more than dealerships, auto repair services and online car listings.

Automotive Brands Embracing Mobile

Automotive Car Brands

A number of top automotive brands – including Audi, Volkswagen and Peugeot – have embraced mobile, with 90% of the UK’s top 50 brands creating a mobile optimised website, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) noted.

Avoid short term brand fails with meaningful difference

Short term focus versus long term brand thinking can make the difference between a successful organisation and a smart organisation. It can also determine the company culture regardless of its size. Over the last twenty years I’ve seen companies that end up commoditising their offer nearly always start by trying to fix a short term […]

Award-winning The Agency rebrands as AgencyUK

The award-winning integrated marketing firm The Agency is entering a new era, with a complete rebrand and the addition of new flagship services. From the start of September, The Agency will be known as AgencyUK. Founder and Managing Director, Sammy Mansourpour said: “It’s a natural evolution for our business and one that better reflects our […]

Baby Boomers Emerge As Most Positive Product Reviewers

Baby boomer consumer generation

The Baby Boom generation, people aged between 47 and 65, may not be as tech savvy as younger generations but this has not affected their enthusiasm for engaging in online conversations about product and service quality.

Baby Boomers Lead Last-Minute Shopping Frenzy This Christmas

Old Consumer Online Baby boomer

Baby boomers (people aged 45 and over) were the generation most responsible for the last-minute shopping rush at Christmas, a new study from customer payments and insight specialist The Logic Group reveals. The study outlines some surprising differences in festive shopping behaviour among different age groups, which should again highlight how important it is for […]

Banks More Trustworthy To Customers If They Use Content Marketing

Natwest banking brand

Around 33% of UK consumers don’t trust their banks, a recent study has found – but they are more likely to if the banks engage in content marketing, Fourth Source reports. It seems that content marketing should not be overlooked even in the niche banking market.

BARB To Measure TV Viewing Across All Devices

I read this week that starting from August, TV ratings in the UK will also include Internet TV viewing as part of the figures. The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB), the official TV ratings body in the UK, has revealed it would start measuring for the first time TV usage across computer devices, including tablets.

Bardsley England pitch bears fruit with appointment of AgencyUK as brand communications partner

Bardsley England are one of the UK’s largest producers of top fruit. The business grows 22k tonnes of fruit annually from their 24 sites and 820ha of land across the Kent countryside. A fifth generation family business, Bardsley England has undergone a significant transformation over the past 6-years under the stewardship of managing director and […]

Basic Instinct | ViewPoint Magazine Feature

Brand agency

My alarm clock kicks in and the DJ tells me to tweet him. I brush my teeth and wonder if one of those semi-intelligent brushes might make my teeth whiter. I head downstairs and think it would be good to get one of those interactive fridges that tells …

Bath artist creates AgencyUK’s Christmas card with festive songs hidden in snowy scene

The Christmas season is upon us and award-winning integrated marketing firm AgencyUK has commissioned local artist Kate Davies to create an interactive Christmas card. The festive scene was hand painted by Kate Davies, an illustrator and watercolourist. Kate works from her studio at home in Colerne, Wiltshire to create beautiful, illustrative art with English charm […]

Bath Chronicle: Festival Puts the Digital spotlight on City “for Good” featuring AgencyUK’s Sammy

Bath Digital Festival Forest of Imagination

This week hundreds of people are expected to flock to Bath, not because of the usual tourist attractions but because of all things digital.

Bath Uni Interview: Amy Stobie On Getting A Career in Advertising

Sammy and Amy

A: We set up the business six years ago, myself and my husband and business partner Sammy. I came from a business background, and was a sales and marketing director for a global outsourcing operation, where I headed up the sales and marketing teams. My husband worked for Rapier London, and then we set up […]

BBC To Use IMImobile To Merge Mobile & Social Audience Engagement

BBC iPlayer mobile app

The BBC recently awarded a contract to IMImobile – specifically the company’s newly developed DaVinci Social platform – to merge the media conglomerate’s social and mobile audience cross-channel engagement into a single platform, The Drum reports.

Be sociable and size won’t matter | Brand Republic Feature ::

Social Media groups

Let me start with a few questions… Did you make poverty history? Did you buy the Haiti single? Have you enjoyed some comic relief?

Being Commercially Creative – featured by Brand Republic

People at event

Phil Blackmore, creative director at AgencyUK, discusses what being “commercially creative” means for a business and how to ensure success. It’s Monday morning and I’m taking a brief for a new client. The brief is well written, focused and full of promise. But as I scan the page I see a familiar phrase rears it […]

Benefits Of Online Marketing For Professional Services Providers

Professional services marketing online digital strategy

Successful online marketing requires a clear understanding of business goals in order to use the medium to effectively promote a company. Brands can then deliver engaging content and communicate messages the right way. While it can prove a hard task for some, it appears that online marketing is of paramount importance to tradesmen, as I read in an article from […]

Benetton’s Latest Ad Campaign Directs Attention To Youth Unemployment

Brand Benneton Youth Consumer Targeting

United Colours of Benetton is coming out with a new campaign aimed at highlighting the booming rates of young jobless people and the company is asking the young unemployed to make proposals on how to cope with the problem.

Beverage Brands Yet To Reach Today’s Consumer

Women Consumer Drink Food FMCG

Fierce competition and the continuing fragmentation of the beverage market is forcing brands to fight for their place on store shelves and compete for consumers’ attention via social media.

Beyond CRM & Onto Marketing Automation

ecommerce website consumer spending

Marketing professionals constantly have to deal with new developments within the industry and trying to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. CRM – or customer relationship management – is part of this, and is a key aspect of any business. In a recent article on Biz Community, columnist Lauren Heap writes how marketing […]

Big companies aren’t creative | Creative Match Feature

Big company creativity

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with a senior principal at IBM recently. We’ve had a few inflammatory discussions around the IBM brand, corporate green washing and the most recent Accenture / IBM / NHS deal or no-deal. However what did spark an interesting debate was based on IBM’s approach to creativity and commercial […]

Black Friday Due To Be Biggest Online Shopping Day

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

In a recent report by The Telegraph it has been stated that this coming Black Friday – which falls on November 28th – is due to be the biggest online shopping day in history. Black Friday, traditionally an American shopping craze which made its way into the UK within the last four years or so, […]

Black Friday Sales Break Record; Mobile Sees Significant Increase In Adoption

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

There was a lot of hype surrounding Black Friday, with predictions that the day would break a number of records set in previous years. These predictions were not unfounded and it has recently been revealed that online sales on November 28th reached $2.4 billion, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK reports.

Blogging Has Become A Profession In The UK

Blogger blog writing content social strategy

It has become common for bloggers in the UK to be paid for their work – in fact, 65% of bloggers now receive some form of income for their writing, while 27% are pursuing blogging as a career, a new report from Mason Williams Communications reveals. The study, which is part of a Pan-European Blogbarometer […]

Blogs Have Strong Impact On Buying Decisions

Twitter Brand Advertising

I find it really astonishing every time I read about women’s dramatic power to influence (in a good way) the people around them, with their ability to give tips and persuade increasing with the help of the Internet. Today, I came across a recent survey from UK parent blogs community Tots100, which once again confirmed […]

Bloom & Co. diamond jewellery brand appoint AgencyUK

Wedding ring

Bloom & Co, the UK’s leading expert jewellery designers and re-modellers have appointed AgencyUK to implement their online retail strategy, supporting planning, creative and web development.

Boomtown Festival appoints AgencyUK as strategic creative and media partner

Since its launch as an alternative music festival in 2009, Boomtown Fair has grown into one of the world’s most recognised ‘experience festival’ brands, each year giving rise to an entire theme-town bursting out of the Hampshire hillside. As well as hosting world class musical acts like Gorillaz and Wu-Tang Clan, Boomtown Fair also presents […]

Boxing Day sets all-time record for busiest ecommerce day

ecommerce website consumer spending

According to research from Experian Hitwise, UK consumers spent 13m hours shopping online on Boxing Day, which makes it the biggest e-commerce day in the UK ever.

Brand and Response works better together – The BARCO Model

Men working in office

The BARCO (Brand and  Response Communication Optimisation) model is a planning and evaluation tool that allows us to interrogate your brand promise and establish your campaigns response criteria, before going Live!

Brand Santa

Brand Santa Christmas consumer

Ahead of the Christmas season our planning and creative teams seem to have spent a little too much time thinking about Brand Santa. Here’s their thinking, straight off the white board.

Brand Websites Preferred Hub For Entering Competitions

Social Retail eCommerce Digital Shopper

Social media is gradually becoming the top choice for brands wishing to have a strong platform for running promotions, but in their rush to share consumers’ excitement with new media formats, they shouldn’t overlook other effective methods for engagement.

Branding Brexit: the comms strategy failures around the EU referendum

By Sammy Mansourpour, Managing Director, AgencyUK Nine minutes before Boris Johnson publicly declared which side he was backing in Britain’s referendum on membership of the European Union, he texted David Cameron to let him know – “Dave, I’m backing Brexit. Soz.” Or words to that effect. It was less than ten minutes before the media-at-large […]

Branding lessons you can learn from Apple

Apple… The likelihood is when somebody says ‘apple,’ the fruit isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of; it could well be the technology giant and branding maestro’s from Apple Inc. – the American multi-national company that has taken over the world. As a result of the company’s success, businesses both big and small are […]

Brands Advised To Capitalise On Increased Female Spending Power

Beach Body Marketing Trends

I read this week that despite women’s strong spending power and their increasing potential to contribute significantly to the revenues of certain brands, most companies still fail to respond adequately to their needs when it comes to value, time saving and emotions.

Brands Can Further Improve M-Commerce Experience

Mobile Search engine optimisation

These days, companies seem to be busy doing one of two things – devising ways of maximising the marketing potential of social media, or working on strategies to increase sales through mobile channels.

Brands Double Investment In Programmatic Platforms

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

A new survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has revealed that the world’s biggest-spending marketers have doubled investments in programmatic platforms over the past 12 months, Warc reported.

Brands Encouraged To Make Emotional Connection To Mothers Online

Mums Consumer

At the recent Mumstock event in London last month it was revealed that brands are being encouraged to abandon the use of large data sets in order to gain an insight into the activity of mums online, and should instead use small focus groups and face-to-face conversations to generate a meaningful relationship, Marketing Week reports.

Brands Experience Higher Engagement On Instagram Than Twitter, Report Finds

Social Instagram channel content

A recent report published by Socialbakers has discovered that brands with an online presence on Instragram tend to receive 50 times more engagement than those present on Twitter, Marketing Week reports. Engagement was measured in terms of the number of retweets, replies and favourites received by a brand on both sites. There is, however, no […]

Brands Fail To Use Google+ For Marketing

Google offices

A year after it was launched, Google+ has hardly managed to live up to expectations in terms of user adoption and marketing influence.

Brands Long-Term Values Damaged By Over Reliance On Promotions

AUK on branding chemistry for consumer interaction

Brands spending too much time and effort on promotions risk affecting long-term values, as many consumers have now become “immune” to such marketing techniques, the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) warns.

Brands need Chemistry not Creativity

AUK on branding chemistry for consumer interaction

In a world where big ideas are deemed less important than a 0.1% increase in customer journey conversions, creative agencies are working hard to justify their clients continued support. As a believer that creative ideas change the world and mathematicians make it go round, I am wondering if the small world of marketing is becoming […]

Brands Need To Be Local, Not Global, When Looking To Better Their Reputations

Local brands

According to the advertising and marketing news aggregator site Warc, new research from MSLGroup has found that brands looking to improve their reputation need to market at a local – rather than global – level.

Brands Need To Come Across As Useful In Order To Hold Onto Consumers

Branded Websites

According to a new piece of research from Digital Dopamine, the concept of brand loyalty has fluctuated wildly with the advent of digital, with consumers now looking for useful information and rewards from brands as opposed to interesting tit-bits, Warc reports.

Brands Need To Work Harder To Engage Young Girls

Professional services marketing online digital strategy

According to recent statistics published on Marketing Week, brands that aim to engage young girls are resorting to old stereotypes and may in fact be putting off a large proportion of their target audience from buying from them. Research has found that young girls tend to prefer brands that empower them and encourage them to […]

Brands Prove Unsuccessful In Measuring Social

Social Media Content Channels

With social channels now widely seen as a conduit for higher customer engagement and sentiment, brands are now increasingly keen on integrating social media into their marketing and businesses strategies. However, they still find it difficult to develop an effective approach to evaluating the effects, according to a recent study.

Brands See Sustainability As Key To Growth

Food brands creative

Sustainability is turning into a major concern for brand owners, who are placing more emphasis on it, not just in terms of production, but also in areas like new product development and marketing. This is the main finding of a new study by Accenture.

Brands Seek Strong Customer Relationship Through Social Media Investments

AUK on Social Media Marketing

A recent blog post by Adam Sarner, research director at Gartner, who claims that – judging from the results established through the annual social media surveys of the IT research firm – enhancing customer relationships is the main reason that spurs brands’ investments in social media.

Brands Shopping For Customer Insights To Improve Performance

TV Advertising Spend

Broadcaster Sky and retailer Sainsbury’s, two of the largest collectors of personal data, recently revealed strategies aimed at boosting the consumer experience and opening more opportunities for advertisers, according to an article today in Marketing Week. This underscores the increasing importance of customer information as a mighty tool not only for fostering revenues, but also […]

Brands should focus on big spenders to make profit

Male Shopper Consumers eCommerce

New research re-enforces the validity of the Pareto Principal during the recession, and shows that UK brands can see their profit increase if they stay focused on the top 20% of their consumers.

Brands Should Improve Privacy Policies As Consumers Become More Willing To Share Data

Retail mobile digital app

Companies seeking to reach more customers should install robust data privacy controls to improve their credibility in the eyes of consumers, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) suggests in its Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014.

Brands Should Partner With YouTube Creators To Connect With Younger Generation

YouTube Desktop Social Channel

YouTube is the favourite brand of young Britons aged 18 to 24 and has been at the top of the polls for two years in a row now. This demographic use it for everything, from watching videos to finding how-to guides. Advertising, however, has not been able to fully leverage this channel, since traditional formats […]

Brands Still Failing To Get The Most From Social Media

Social Media Marketing

An interesting study has revealed that despite the broad range of tools Facebook provides to business owners to make their pages engaging and attractive to consumers, the majority of brands still fail to reap the benefits of this type of communication channel.

Brands To Get Access To Twitter Archive

Twitter Brand Advertising

With Facebook’s upcoming IPO and Google’s change of privacy policy, many users have been seriously concerned about their personal information being used for the wrong purposes.

Bring brand response to beat the crunch!

Marketer Branding Agency AUK Strategy

In the current climate, says Sammy Mansourpour co-founder of AgencyUK, marketing budgets are getting crunched just as much as credit, which means the marketing buck has got to work much harder to achieve the ROI bang than it did this time last year.

Bringing Digital Technology In-Store Is One Of E-Retailers’ 2013 Priorities

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

Expanding sales power in Europe, bringing digital technology in-store and optimising trade via mobile devices will be the major goals European online retailers will seek to achieve this year as part of their growth strategies. An article in Internet Retailing, which outlines the main conclusions that can be drawn from Forrester’s latest report.

Bristol Against Cancer | Above & Beyond appoints AgencyUK

Doctor in kit

Bristol’s hospitals charity Above & Beyond has appointed AgencyUK for its latest campaign. Following a competitive pitch process, the Bath-based agency will be delivering a creative, integrated campaign for the charity, focussing on cancer services in Bristol’s hospitals. Julie Worrall, director of fundraising and development for Above & Beyond, said: “This is a really exciting […]

Bristol City Council appoint AgencyUK for launch of Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone

Bristol temple quarter enterprise zone advertising

Bristol City Council has appointed TheAgency, based inBathto handle the brand and marketing roll-out for the new Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.

Britain votes for coolest brands

Union Jack Crumpled

The marketing world has conducted a survey for what it believes to be the coolest brands available in Britain in 2015. The CoolBrands survey asked 2,500 British consumers, along with a panel of 36 professionals including musicians, TV personalities, fashion industry experts and editors for their opinion on the coolest brands on the market. According […]

British food & drink brands need to take back control — here’s how.

The Brexit turmoil is taking its toll, that’s for sure. There’s no doubt that international trade hangs in the balance, but if British food and drink brands act fast, they can take back control. Why? Because although Brand Britain overseas may be damaged, domestic love is still strong. Independent producers marketing their food and drink […]

British Mums Set To Keep Christmas Spirit Alive Despite Lower Budgets

Mum Shop Online Consumers

Recent research from Asda has found that, despite concerns about shrinking budgets, British mums are determined to do their best to help their children enjoy the spirit of Christmas and not let their financial hurdles spoil the celebrations.

British TV Ad Spending Reached Record Amount In 2011

TV Advertising Spend

Digital advertising may be occupying the thoughts of marketers but don’t be in a hurry to write off good old television.

Briton Is Most Digitally Engaged Nation In Europe

UK Digital Social Engagement

Believe it or not, our country is a champion in terms of time spent online and we are more digitally engaged than any other European nation, according to an interesting snippet from a new study from ComScore.

Britons Dedicate 13 Minutes Every Hour Online To Social Media

Social Media channel advertising users

Britons use 13 minutes out of every hour spent on the web for social networking and forums, figures from information services company Experian has shown.

Britons More Emotionally Attached To Mobile Phones Than Americans And South Koreans

Mobile Commerce ecommerce app

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) is passing on a hint to marketers seeking to establish successful campaigns and make use of new innovations with the release of research looking into consumers’ attitudes towards mobile technology and the level of their emotional connection with these devices.

Britons Spend 32% Of Shopping Budgets Online

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

It is common knowledge that Britons are avid online shoppers. Other European nations may spend more money online but UK consumers channel 32% of their shopping budgets into e-commerce transactions and that is the highest proportion on the continent, the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe) said in its latest Mediascope Europe report.

Britons To Spend £1.3 Billion on World Cup Shopping

World Cup FIFA Advertising Marketing

With the 2014 World Cup in Brazil due to kick off, market researchers are busy publishing forecasts on all aspects of the tournament and related activities. A Centre for Retail Research report commissioned by estimates that fans will spend as much as £1.3 billion if England passes the group stage. If the team reaches […]

Britons Top The List Of Biggest Online Shoppers

Outdoor Out of Home Advertising

It was quite surprising to read today that Britons are champions in online shopping, with e-commerce in the UK having more admirers than any other major country.

Britons Yet To Embrace Mobile Wallet Technology

UK Shoppers Consumer trends

Mobile payment technologies are yet to win the hearts of British consumers, with less than one in ten people saying they have made a transaction using their mobile device.

Brits Lose Patience After Waiting in Queue For 6 Minutes

Supermarket Brands Integrated Advertising

British shoppers’ patience for standing in queues in physical stores lasts only six minutes, at least according to omni-channel retail specialist Omnico. They hinted that the time has come for retailers to figure out how to keep checkout lines moving.

Brits Spend Over £3,300 On Online Shopping

ecommerce website consumer spending

Here’s some interesting stats: according to the 2012 WorldPay eCommerce Basket Survey, the average British consumer spends £3,370 a year on online shopping, with men spending slightly more than women.

BSM puts Dual Theory to the Test

AgencyUK Fiat 500m Launch

Helped by a tie-up with Fiat, BSM is using its centenary to take its marketing in a new direction by targeting the two key elements of its customer base – young learner drivers and their parents.

BSM realigns digital strategy to increase sales

BSM Digital Marketing Campaigns

BSM, the largest and most established driving school in the UK, has launched a new website as part of a wider realignment of its digital offering, following extensive usability testing. goes mobile with AgencyUK

AgencyUK Fiat 500m Launch

BSM has launched a new mobile optimised website for pupils and instructors. It marks the driving school’s continued commitment to making sure all its customers receive the best possible experience and support. The site has been designed to work on desktops, smartphones and tablets alike, incorporating the very latest in mobile technology.

BT & Superfast Cornwall Appoints AgencyUK to Superfast Broadband Campaign

BT Superfast appoint AUK

Superfast Cornwall – the pioneering broadband partnership between the EU, BT and Cornwall Council – has appointed fast growing advertising firm AgencyUK for its latest advertising campaign.

Business Outcomes Affected By Social

Social Media channel advertising users

According to a new piece of research from consultancy firm Deloitte and the MIT Sloan Management Review, around two thirds of businesses have reported a positive impact on business outcomes thanks to the use of social channels, Warc reports. Around 60% of B2B and 68% of B2C companies agreed with the view that investing in […]

Businesses Rushing To Keep Up With Mobile Data

Mobile Commerce ecommerce app

Mobile devices are being used for more and more everyday activities, creating a huge amount of data that marketing departments need to deal with in order to leverage the channel more efficiently, writes Econsultancy analyst Bola Awoniyi. This struggle is part of the transformation that the digital analytics sector is experiencing under the influence of […]

Can agencies make a success of flexible working?

Apprentice creative agency

Drum featuring Co-founder and MD of AgencyUK Sammy Mansourpour: “I think the key words are flexible culture, not flexible working. Culture is far more embracing than just working hours spent in an office. At AgencyUK, we have always had a disdain for the clock in clock out factory life. We don’t pay people to put […]

Cancer Drugs Retain Top Spot For Print Ads In H1’13

.Net Magazine brand launch

For the third year in a row, cancer drugs remained the most advertised pharmaceutical products in professional health journals during the first half of the year.

Cars In Videos Keep Viewers Gripped Until The End

Fresh research from video technology company Coull has revealed that online videos featuring cars have the best chance of grabbing UK viewers’ attention and making them watch the video to the very end. The percentage of participants who said they watch car videos from start to finish was 61%, The Drum reports.

Cerba Research appoint AgencyUK to support their global marketing communications

Cerba Research Global Drug Development Diagnostics

Cerba Research, one of the world’s leading central, specialty and diagnostic laboratory services companies, have appointed AgencyUK to support their marketing communications effort from 2022. The appointment follows a competitive pitch that involved a number of agencies from around the world. Cerba Research is owned by Cerba HealthCare, a leading global player in medical diagnosis. […]

Changes To Facebook ‘Like-gating’ Rules

Social Media groups

New rules from Facebook, which come into effect on 5th November, will mean that companies and brands encouraging customers to ‘like’ their pages in order to participate in competitions or win coupons will have to stop the practice, or risk being removed from the site, Ragan reports.

Charlie’s First Month as an Intern at AgencyUK

Agency UK Office

Over the past couple of months, I have been working as a Social Media and Client Services intern at AgencyUK! I’m currently at the start of a 12-month placement which sits between my second and final year of university in Manchester where I study Advertising and Brand Communications.  Whilst my first month has flown by, […]

Cheap Is Not All That Matters To Consumers

Male Shopper Consumers eCommerce

Retailers are increasingly getting into manufacturing by offering own-label brands in-store, allowing customers to buy cheaper products without compromising on quality. It seems, however, that despite the recession which has eaten into household budgets, customers don’t just consider the price when choosing between products.

Chewits Updates Its Brand

Confectionary company Cloetta UK is relaunching its popular Chewits brand across packaging, online and social channels. The new look includes a facelift for brand ambassador Chewie the dinosaur, who first appeared in 1976. A range of giveaways will take place on various social platforms this week, with the rebranded product available in stores. Cloetta UK […]

Children’s Doctor Calls For Further Restrictions On TV Ads For Junk Food

Junk food advertising campaign

Dr Hilary Cass, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, insists that the UK should make changes to regulations on TV adverts for “junk food” given the alarming rates of obesity among children and young people.

Click & Collect Poised For Solid Growth

Contactless Payments, eCommerce, Online Shopping, Consumer

There will be twice as many online shoppers in the UK making use of click & collect options in 2017 than at present, Planet Retail predicts.

Click-baiting & its role in the modern marketing mix

Modern marketing has evolved significantly since the professionals of yesteryear left the workplace to make room for the latest generations. With a new group of marketing professionals entering the industry, with different moral compasses and a whole host of new capabilities, the marketing sector has undoubtedly changed dramatically.

Climate Change at AUK

Hike in Bath

Climate Change at AUK  As the UK heads towards Net Zero by 2050, there is a growing importance and commitment needed from companies to do their part in protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change. AgencyUK’s climate vision:  At AgencyUK, we strive to have a positive impact in every way possible! One […]

Clutter-Free Web Pages Deliver Better Ad Returns

ecommerce website consumer spending

If you are a website publisher chances are you belong to the overwhelming majority that relies on advertising for revenues.

Cold Snap Freezes High Street Sales In March

The extreme cold weather which gripped the UK in March also brought a decline in sales on the high street, which, added to consumers’ already strained budgets, has made people weary of spending unless given a very good reason.

Common Problems Encountered When Marketing To The Over 50’s

Grey market tech mobile app old people

Marketers tend to make a number of mistakes when trying to target the so-called “grey market.” A recent conference, called “Older, Richer, Wiser,” organised by Marketing magazine, highlighted a number of these mistakes.

Commonwealth Games Leave Sponsors Wanting More

Commonwealth Games Digital Advertising Events

The Commonwealth Games recently came to an end, but according to Marketing Week sponsors of the event were unable to take full advantage of the positivity that surrounded the event, with ineffective marketing activity.

Consumer Behaviour Varies Across Platforms

Email marketing

With technology advancing and consumers being offered a wide choice of shopping options, it is sometimes difficult for retail brands to follow where their sales come from and how consumers choose what to buy. The following might give retailers better understanding of the issue.

Consumer Goods Sector Joins Finance In Digital Ad Spending Charts

Men working in office

According to a new report the consumer goods sector was one of the two biggest contributors to UK digital display advertising spend in the first six months of the year, making up 16% of the total investments in the segment.

Consumer Purchase Decisions Driven By 8 Emotions

Consumer behavioural economics

Have you ever thought about what motivates a consumer to buy a certain brand product? Quality? Price? Well, it turns out that purchase decisions are driven by… emotions. This is what a new survey on brand purchasing choices in the UK reveals.

Consumer Satisfaction With E-Retailers Hits All-Time High

Consumer Branding

In their latest eCustomer Service Index report, IMRG and eDigital Research claim that online consumers are reaching the highest recorded levels of satisfaction. These levels reached a record-breaking 83.4% between July 2012 and January 2013 after plunging to an all-time low of 76.7% in July 2009.

Consumer Spending To Increase Thanks To More Internet Access

Christmas Online Retail eCommerce Consumer

A recent report released by PwC has found that better internet access is highly likely to increase consumer spend than any other media product or service within the next half decade, Bizcommunity notes. The report focused on the media industry in South Africa, which is expected to see its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase […]

Consumers And Retailers Share Different Views On Marketing

Integrated online retail channels ecommerce

Consumers and retailers broadly differ in their opinions when it comes to the successfulness of brands’ marketing initiatives. This suggests that brands must ramp up their marketing efforts to ensure they are targeting people with the right message.

Consumers Buy More Eco-Frienly Products, But Price And Quality Still Matter

AUK on greenwashing

Consumers across the globe are becoming more and more conscious of environmental issues, which can be recognised when looking at the changing attitudes towards buying products and services. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are ready to sacrifice quality or their budgets for the sake of becoming more environmentally-friendly, according to a recent survey.

Consumers Distracted By High-Tech Systems In Cars

Integrated tech media converge cars gaming mobile

While car brands try to attract customers with a wide variety of functionalities and high-tech gadgets, a new survey from Which? among car users reveals that consumers are happy with simpler-to-use technology systems fitted in their vehicles.

Consumers Engage With Financial Ads More On Weekends

Global Advertising Financial Service FS Advertising Media

Consumers are most likely to make use of special offers from financial companies late on Saturday and Sunday, Rocket Fuel has concluded in new research focusing on the financial services.

Consumers Enjoy Interactive Ads, Want Rewards In Return

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

According to the findings of a new poll I saw this week, while consumers generally enjoy interactive advertisements, they expect to gain something in return for becoming engaged with ads.

Consumers Expect Retail Channels To Converge By 2014

UK Consumer Brands

Most marketing folk are well aware that consumer habits are changing in line with the development of technology. However, what some people may not realise is that consumer expectations for the future are quite well-shaped. This is according to a new global report by Capgemini, called Digital Shopper Relevancy.

Consumers Increasingly Using Their Mobile Devices In-Store

Mobile ecommerce security

People from around the world are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to improve their shopping experience in physical stores, according to a study by DigitasLBi. The research examined consumer behaviour patterns from customers across 12 countries, including China, the UK and the US.

Consumers Like Mobile Apps More Than Mobile Sites

Microsoft Technology Channel Digital Applications

Companies often wonder what will be better for their businesses – creating mobile apps or making their website mobile-friendly. This mainly depends on the needs of the business and the goals that they aspire to achieve, but it’s good to take into account consumer preferences as well.

Consumers Prefer Own Label Products Over Brands

UK Shoppers Consumer trends

Supermarket chains are continuing to deal with a lot of pressure. On the one hand, they have been trying to survive in an extremely competitive market, while on the other, cash-strapped consumers have been looking for goods at the lowest price possible, without compromising quality.

Consumers Still Wary Of Retailers Operating On Social Media Sites

eCommerce AUK Web

Consumers are increasingly reaching out to brands via social channels and businesses are embracing the online realm to interact with users, but it seems that when it comes to shopping, people are still more likely to purchase from a high street store or an online retailer rather than one selling through social media. Not surprisingly, […]

Consumers Use Three Channels To Choose Banking Service

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

According to recent retail banking research that I spotted today, the more savvy consumers become, the more demanding they grow in terms of customer service.

Content Is Key, But It Needs Editors

Blogger blog writing content social strategy

Nowadays the focus of marketers lies heavily on content – everyone is investing in it, but few are doing it well, says Econsultancy contributor Maximilian Tatton-Brown in an article posted on the website. Most marketing departments that are getting to grips with content strategies tend to produce trite, conventional content that fails in its primary […]

Content Marketing Key For Reaching Mums

Mum Consumer Shopping

If mums are the target audience for your brand, it is vital that your content is engaging enough for them to take the time to read it during their busy schedules.

Content Marketing World Conference Takeaways

Wifi Mobile digital user experience

The Content Marketing world conference very recently drew to a close, featuring over 2,500 marketing delegates from over 50 countries, reports – making it the largest content marketing event in the world. Christine Oneto, writing for Ragan, covered the event and listed the top key takeaways from the event.

Content Posted By FMCG Brands Is Most Shared On Facebook

Facebook social user

A report I came across recently from Socilabakers suggests that content posted by fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies is most likely to be shared by users on Facebook.

Corporate Green Washing | Brand Republic Feature

AUK on greenwashing

Do companies who market themselves with ethically labelled products do what they say on the tin? How fair is Fairtrade? In recent years our food, clothes and household goods have become coated with a layer of ethical labelling. Many products have been marketed with a Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance stamp – but do we […]

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Raises Prospect Of Tough Ad Regulation

Cosmetic Surgery Retouching Model Designs

The health scare triggered by the PIP breast implants scandal has prompted Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to request a comprehensive review of the cosmetic surgery industry. As a result,one of the outcomes could be tougher regulation of advertising for cosmetic surgery procedures as part of the overall drive to ensure the safety and protection of […]

Could Kindle provide marketers next generation data?

Data marketing Kindle and Amazon

There has been a lot of buzz lately after Amazon announced the arrival of its Kindle Fire tablet in the UK but there is much more to Kindle Fire than an attractive price tag.

Could Marketing Become The Latest As-A-Service Offering?

Professional services marketing online digital strategy

After Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and a variety of other as-a-service options, it is only natural that somebody should think about doing the same in marketing. In an article reviewing trends in the industry, Econsultancy editor-in-chief Ashley Friedlein discusses why a Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) model could be exactly what marketing needs in the future.

Creating A Tech-Life Balance

Website Eye tracking research UX UI

A recent survey by Crucial asked 1,000 individuals in America aged between 18 and 65 about how they use technology and how it impacts their life, and found that 25% became stressed if they went for more than 30 minutes without checking their connected devices, Warc reports.

Creative And Tech Open For Business In The South West, Now Home To The UK’s No.1 Independent Agency

Men working in office

Bristol, Bath and the South West of England is famed for its creativity, celebrating some of Britain’s most successful exports including Aardman Animation, Dyson and Banksy. Recent government investment initiatives have put the creative sector at the heart of the regions economy, relying on more than 2,500 creative businesses to lead the way in the […]

CreativeMatch Take Five!

AUK Take Five Q&A

What does ‘creative’ mean to you? Great ideas that deliver on commercial objectives. That’s the business we’re in.

Cross-Border Trade Lures UK Online Retailers

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

As the UK e-commerce market is beginning to reach a much more advanced stage of maturity, cross-border trade is becoming a lucrative option for local sector players. Trading across borders offers a raft of opportunities for retailers to achieve a healthy growth, as these markets keep developing and consumers are broadly going online to shop, according to a report I […]

CRR Report Paints Gloomy Picture of UK Retail Industry

UK Shoppers Consumer trends

It would probably be quite disturbing for retailers to hear the latest predictions from the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), which painted a grim picture of the state of the industry and its development over the next five years. The researcher forecast that by 2018, about one in five stores in the country could have […]

Custom Multiple Input Form for Gravity Fields

Men working in office

We recently undertook a new challenge in customising the excellent Gravity Form WordPress plugin that taught me something new, and required venturing into undocumented, or certainly non-obvious, waters. And that’s coming from someone who has done more hacking of Gravity Forms than one person should healthily undertake. The requirement for the client was to collect […]

Customer Satisfaction With E-commerce Drops In UK

ecommerce website consumer spending

Shoppers across the UK are increasing their spending on purchases via the Internet, although satisfaction among online consumers proves to be disappointing, with levels falling compared with last year, new research shows.

Customers’ Love With UK Brands Diminishing

Union Jack Crumpled

I read today an article in Bizreport outlining the results from a survey by customer experience specialist Strativity, which I think may make some UK organisations reconsider the way they treat and communicate with customers. Just like in marriage, relationships should be constantly nourished with thoughtfulness for the other’s needs to keep it healthy. The […]

Cyber Monday 2013 Named Busiest Ever Online Shopping Day

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

Experian’s latest report into the state of online shopping on Cyber Monday, which revealed that 2nd December was the busiest-ever for Internet retailers in the UK.

Cyber Monday 5th Dec when online retail will peak

Christmas Online Consumer Retail

Christmas shopping in the UK will peak in the evening of 5th December. The prediction is made by Amazon and is based on the company’s previous experience with the so-called Cyber Monday – the first Monday in December, which traditionally marks the start of the Christmas season shopping spree and is considered the busiest day […]

Cyber Monday Breaks All Records For Online Retail Traffic

ecommerce website consumer spending

Experian report shows that Cyber Monday, thought to be traditionally the busiest day for UK retailers, exceeded even the bravest predictions for consumer activity as visits reached 112 million, or 32% more than last year.

Cyber Monday Hikes UK Online Sales By Over 21%

Home Shopping eCommerce Website

According to statistics from IBM, Cyber Monday hiked UK online sales by 21.5%, compared to the busiest e-commerce day in 2010.

Dawn Of The Designer Shopping Experience by AgencyUK

Teen brand retail eCommerce

As UK etailers are poised to see a 16% rise in sales by the close of 2014, we’re reminded that retailers were the first to bear witness to the rise of the digital consumer and the first to realise that today this includes everyone. The ordinary challenges retailers faced have been compounded by an increasingly […]

Deal-Seeking Becomes The Norm Amongst UK Shoppers

Teen brand retail eCommerce

UK consumers are making use of the Internet’s power to explore sites that can earn them a good discount whilst shopping, and deal hunting is now becoming firmly ingrained in their everyday shopping experiences, research from rewards-based incentives company Parago shows.

Death of the Mall | Brand Republic Feature

UK Consumer Shopping

The list, the rush, the panic shoving and buying, the last minute promotions all make up the Christmas shopping experience most of us have grown up with. In recent times, a shortage of highly prized Christmas toys has crystallised the power of product placement. For most high street retailers, they call this the exciting shopping […]

Del Monte appoint AgencyUK to launch UK fruit juice campaign

Del Monte appoint AgencyUK

Del Monte has launched a national advertising and social media campaign aimed at positioning the global brand at the premium end of the UK ambient juice category.
The commercial, airing on ITV1, features members of the public tasting Del Monte orange …

Deliveries discourage online shoppers ahead of Cyber Monday

eCommerce AUK Web

A survey by software company Postcode Anywhere, which focused on consumer attitude towards online shopping in the UK.

Design Intern Opportunity

Design Intern Opportunity ASAP for 6-12 months. Potential for future permanent position. Salary – £5.30 per hour under 21 years, £6.70 21 and over, 40 hours per week. 23 days holiday plus bank holidays. Requirements – Must be proficient in Adobe Suite. Some experience of working with or developing branding/guidelines, and designing layout for print […]

Desktop To Be Replaced By Mobile As Top Search Device For 2015

Website Eye tracking research UX UI

It has recently been found that desktop computers are highly likely to be replaced by mobile devices in terms of the number of internet searches conducted on them by next year, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK reports. This will be the first time that desktop and laptop internet searches will be surpassed by those […]

Diageo Turns Marketing Focus To Women

Women Consumer Drink Food FMCG

Women have long ceased to follow blindly where men choose to lead. It has taken certain male-centric industries a while to wise up but they have come to realise that a one-track marketing policy is not an effective way to go about boosting brand image and promoting sales.

Did we just become best friends? The fine line of brand over-familiarity in consumer relationships

In a world where every brand is vying for the limited attention of the modern consumer, brands are continually pushing boundaries in the quest to increase engagement. Pushy sales is a thing of the past as brands try instead to strike up familiar friendships with the consumer. But where do you draw the line? Brands […]

Digital Ad Spend In The UK Rises 12.6% In H1 2012

Branded Websites

UK brands pumped £2.6 billion into online and mobile advertising in January-June 2012, making for a healthy 12.6% rise on a like-for-like basis despite the tough economic climate that is weighing on their budgets, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s latest report.

Digital Advertising Needs More Focused Attention From Marketers

Digital TV Advertising Media Channel

Digital advertising has been found to waste both the time and money of marketers as they fail to use the channel effectively, Warc reports. Poor execution of digital advertising from professionals in a number of industries will only be turned around if they combine the science of programmatic with a human touch, Ben Wood – […]

Digital Advertising Spend Grows by 14.4%

Insider Magazine AgencyUK

When the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) speaks, marketing professionals tend to listen. Its latest report has to do with UK digital ad spending in 2011 and the news is good, folks! Working alongside professional services provider PricewaterhouseCoopers, the IAB has estimated that UK brands poured £4.8bn last year into digital advertising, which makes for an […]

Digital Design & The Digital Canvas

by Matt Griffin, Front End Developer/Digital Designer at The Agency Digital Design encompasses many disciplines, including information architecture design, content strategy, interface design, User Experience design (UX design), graphic design, accessibility design, animation and programming. Anywhere there is digital content or functionality, being engaged with by people, there is a need for Digital Design.

Digital Marketing Predictions For The Year Ahead

Digital Media Agency User Experience

A recent prediction from the chief executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, who claims that the future of digital marketing is more than obvious – we are already witnessing it! Here are some of the developments Phillipson believes will mark the industry in the new year.

Digital Marketing Technologies Tipped To Trend In 2014

AUK Advertising

With the continued rapid growth of digital communications channels in mind, certain areas will exhibit stronger growth and innovation than others in the next 12 months.

Digital Society Gives Us Reach, But That’s Not a Sale

Trustpilot Social Media Sentiment

Forget Big Society, if you haven’t already, and embrace Digital Society, because that has been the actual focus for many people over the past three years.

Digital, TV Adspend To Support E&M Sector Growth

Digital TV Advertising Media Channel

Global spending in the entertainment and media (E&M) sector is set for healthy annual growth between 2012 and 2016 and much of the credit will be due to online and TV advertising expenditure, accounting services major PwC predicts in its Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2012-2016.

Direct Marketing Seen Behind 23% Of UK Sales

Online Video Streaming YouTube

European Union regulators are deliberating tougher data protection rules and while that may be good for consumers, it would cost companies a significant amount of money. In an apparent attempt to bolster the lobbying arsenal of the marketing industry, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has come out with a report claiming that 23% of the […]

Disability and Inclusiveness at AUK

People in a meeting

Saturday 3rd December celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), and in recognition of this important day, we thought we’d take a look at what we have, are, and can be doing as an agency to create a fair and accessible workplace environment for everyone. Following on from our B Corp Certification earlier […]

Discount Stores Enjoy Healthy Growth As Consumers Look For Deals

Integrated online retail channels ecommerce

UK consumers are still on the lookout for the best deal, which has helped discount stores Aldi and Lidl see dramatic growth in revenues over the past quarter, recording a 26.1% and 11.5% increase respectively, according to new figures from research firm Kantar Worldpanel.

Discover Delicious TV campaign turns the spotlight on Welsh food and drink producers

The launch of, a new online market place for high quality food and drink produced in Wales, has kicked off with a new TV campaign. The 30-second TV ad showcases some of the Welsh producers featured on the site, including Halen Mon Seasalt (which is now famed by many a celebrity chef), Pant Mawr Cheese, […]

Display Ad Spending Surges By 26.6% In First Half Of 2013

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

TV remained the preferred advertising medium during the second quarter of this year, but it was display Internet advertising spend that stood out due to its growth rate, as I found out from the latest Global AdView Pulse report from information and measurement company Nielsen. Internet ad expenditure worldwide continued to grow by double digits, […]

Divine Inspiration Campaign launch at SXSW for .Net Magazine

.Net Magazine brand launch

Publishing company Future is to launch a print campaign for the new website of .netmagazine.
Developed by TheAgency, the ‘Divine Inspiration’ campaign has begun to roll out to tie in with the publication’s presence at South by South West (SXSW) I…

Do The Grey Market Use Social Media (Or Is It Just For The Young)?

Grey market tech mobile app old people

It may seem like a young person’s game, but social media is in fact gaining in popularity amongst the older generation. Known as the ‘grey market’ (or sometimes given the somewhat hipper title of ‘silver surfers’), those aged 65 or older are the topic of hot debate for marketers. The debate itself tends to focus […]

Do You Have App Fever? Oli Ward Featured By Insider Magazine


Company exec “We need an app!” Marketing exec “Okay. But, what’s it going to do?” Company exec “It doesn’t matter, our competitors have got one / apps are very in / look at Apple, they’re doing well…” Sound familiar?

Does 4G free brand advertising? | Brand Republic Feature

Mobile Advertising Influencer

The dust has settled on the bidding process for the new 4G network in the UK with the main protagonists, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone, O2, Hutchinson 3G and Niche Spectrum Ventures (BT), shelling out a combined £2.34 billion for access rights. Not an insignificant sum you might say, but still only around 10% of the auction […]

Drivology steers towards the future of car insurance with AgencyUK

motor insurance brand

A new telematics car insurance service, Drivology, has been officially launched, featuring branding by Bath-based communications firm AgencyUK.

Drum feature on AgencyUK

AUK Drum Interview

AgencyUK, confident that its offer is unique outside the largest London agencies, this agency is one that aims to grow places, fast.

Drum Magazine Interview: Why size doesn’t matter to AgencyUK’s founder Saman Mansourpour

Team receiving reward

Last week AgencyUK from Bath scooped an impressive four MiAwards in Manchester, including the chairman’s award and small agency of the year, proving it’s not the quantity of thinkers, but the quality of thinking that matters most in marketing. MiNetwork catches up with AgencyUK’s founder and MD Saman Mansourpour to find out more about this […]

E-commerce Adds £483bn To UK Economy in 2011

ecommerce website consumer spending

E-commerce is gaining steam in the UK and more and more companies are embarking on measures to improve their online performance in order to generate higher returns, I read in the E-commerce and ICT activity report published by the Office of National Statistics.

E-Commerce And Last-Minute Shoppers Save Retail In December

Christmas Online Retail eCommerce Consumer

UK retail sales displayed a decent growth in the last month of 2012, fuelled by last-minute shopping during the weekend before Christmas and buoyant online sales. Despite this, the total growth failed to beat inflation and was only equal to December 2010, when severe weather affected sales.

E-Commerce Growth To Change UK Delivery Industry

Home Shopping eCommerce Website

With e-commerce now firmly established as a favourite way of shopping for many Brits, the delivery industry is expecting significant changes over the next few years, according to new research from Global Freight Solutions (GFS).

E-Commerce Keeps Retail Industry Afloat In February

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

The floods that devastated the UK in February had a negative effect on high street retail, but they proved beneficial to the performance of online retailers as consumers opted to shop from the comfort of their sofas to avoid the dire weather conditions.

E-commerce Preferred By Over 60% of Consumers

Christmas Online Consumer Retail

Nowadays it is in consumers’ power to look for time and money-saving methods to do their shopping and it seems natural that they go online to buy products instead of going to physical stores.

E-commerce Provides Only Ray Of Light For UK Retailers In January

eBay Shopping Retail Consumer eCommerce Web

E-commerce has once again become a port in the storm for the battered UK retail ship, proving the only section of the retail market to register growth during the first half of January.

E-Commerce Spending Predicted To Pass £10Bn This December

Christmas Online Consumer Retail

It will be interesting to see whether Interactive Media In Retail Group (IMRG) is accurate in its prediction for e-commerce sales of £10.8 billion this December. This would be a major achievement, since it would be the first time that e-retail sales would exceed the £10 billion mark.

E-Commerce To Capture A Third Of UK Retail Market By 2022

Male Shopper Consumers eCommerce

E-commerce continues to gain traction in the UK and currently the segment accounts for 13% of domestic retail sales. Fuelled by the growing use of digital devices, which is even yet to expand, online retail is predicted to make up a third of the country’s retail market by 2022, according to a new report from […]

E-Commerce To Witness 12% Growth This Year

eCommerce AUK Web

According to the new report from IMRG and Capgemini, sales generated via online retail will stage a strong growth of 12% to reach £87 billion this year compared to 2012, as consumers will be increasingly willing to get the maximum value from each transaction they make despite the challenging market conditions.

E-Gift Delivery Now Possible On Facebook With New Tool

Facebook social media mum consumer

Internet users in the UK and Ireland now have the opportunity to buy and send presents via Facebook with the help of an innovative tool, which has been jointly developed by PrePay Solutions in partnership with Ticketmaster UK and gift card specialist Hemingway’s.

E-mail Marketing: What You Need To Track

Email marketing

There are a number of different things to consider when it comes to e-mail marketing; as one of the cheapest forms of marketing, it has been adopted by a number of companies around the world, according to an article by Ragan. Measurement, however, is one of the most important factors to keep track of. A […]

E-mail Remains Preferred Channel For Marketers

Email marketing

Mobile and social are all the rage nowadays but being relatively young, the two channels have yet to prove their true worth for marketers. Sure, there are numerous reports suggesting that this is already happening but an equal number claim the opposite.

E-mail, Reviews And Apps Most Helpful Digital Tools For Shoppers

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

E-mails from brands and retailers, along with product reviews and shopping apps, are the three digital tools with the greatest impact on consumers’ buying decisions, a new study reveals.

E-tail Sales In UK To Rise 16% In 2018

ecommerce website consumer spending

Marketing and media research group eMarketer has estimated that electronic retail sales in the UK will increase by 16% this year, while mobile sales will rise by as much as 64.8%, the research company said. The main drivers behind overall e-tail sales are the improving economy, the increasing usage of mobile devices and a greater […]

eBay In Talks With FMCG Brands For Mobile Advertising

eBay Shopping Retail Consumer eCommerce Web

Online auction site eBay is in talks with a number of companies, including “big FMCG” brands, as it looks set to introduce a mobile ad system, The Drum reports. The nature of the mobile ad offering means that it requires a curated approach to filling the ad space as it is limited, hence why a […]

eBay pops up offline

eBay Shopping Retail Consumer eCommerce Web

Contrary to the common tendency of brands moving online, the online auction and shopping website eBay now open with a pop-up store in London.

eBay Report Sheds Light On Omni-Channel Behaviour Of UK Consumers

eBay Shopping Retail Consumer eCommerce Web

Roughly a third of UK consumers research products in-store before making a purchase online, eBay says in a new survey. The report provides new insights into the offline and online activities of UK shoppers.

EC Report Shows British SMEs Failing To Keep Up With Technology

European Consumer Advertising

Unlike Britain’s tech-savvy consumers, the country’s small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have thus far failed to live up to the expectations of the Digital Agenda team of the European Commission (EC).

EC To Look Into Mobile Wallets Dubbed Project Oscar

Contactless Payments, eCommerce, Online Shopping, Consumer

One of the most anticipated events in the world of UK marketing in 2012 is the planned launch of the mobile wallet. The joint venture between the three biggest mobile operators O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere, known as Project Oscar, was planned to kick off in the summer but it might have to wait.

Embrace the dark side: stop neglecting dark social

Trustpilot Social Media Sentiment

Hyperbole. Most departments are prone to it in some form or other but marketing seems particularly keen to cite the life changing consequences of just about every development in their field. True, the mechanisms brands use to communicate with consumers have changed drastically and companies have been forced to adapt their strategy accordingly but I […]

Embracing Digital Is Key To Success, Research Finds

Social Retail eCommerce Digital Shopper

‘High digital performers’, or brands that are embracing mobile and online channels to communicate with consumers and promote their products, are more likely to enjoy higher revenues than those that are yet to adopt digital marketing.

England Football Fans Most Active On Social Media

Cup final sport fan engagement marketing

English World Cup fans are the most active on social networks, with an average of 17,729 re-tweets a day and about 57.7 million views on YouTube. This gives England a ‘starscore’ of 334,017, according to calculations by Starcount, a research company focused on fan sentiments and statistics.

Ensuring your hub content is a brand hero

Social media is a tightrope every brand walks — some confidently running, others crawling blindfolded, about to fall to their peril. I’ll be delving into what to look out for on social, from copyright infringement to influencer marketing, to avoid your brand trending on social, for all the wrong reasons. You may be thinking: ‘Social […]

Euro Consumers More Responsive To Mobile Ads Than US Shoppers

UK Consumer Shopping

We keep coming across reports predicting impressive growth in mobile advertising over the next few years. Such publications undoubtedly leave marketers all a-tingle but let me share something that may cool some of that enthusiasm, or at least give companies a serious reason to apply themselves with great diligence to their mobile strategies.

European Commission Approves Facebook Acquisition Of WhatsApp

European Consumer Advertising

The European Commission has approved the acquisition of WhatsApp by social media giant Facebook – a move that was announced earlier this year – ruling that consumers would continue to enjoy the benefits of a range of alternative communication apps after the transaction, The Drum reports.

European FMCG Companies Bank On Promotions To Support Sales

Supermarket FMCG Consumer

The economic headwinds blowing across Europe have largely suppressed the indulgent streak in consumers, turning them into bargain hunters and forcing fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies on the continent to increase promotional activity to protect their sales. I came across this piece of news in a Warc article, which cites the findings of a study […]

European Online Ad Spending Grows By 14.5% In 2011 – IAB

European Consumer Advertising

Last year was not an easy one for Europe, what with the eurozone sovereign debt debacle, austerity winds blowing across the continent and the generally bleak economic picture. But it warms my marketer’s heart to find out that the online advertising sector fared remarkably well against that background, recording growth of 14.5%, as revealed by […]

Evidence that consumers do spend, but shop for brands first

Teen brand retail eCommerce

There’s been an interesting announcement by Unilever chairman Amanda Sourry today about the changing demands of today’s UK consumers and how brands, particularly in retail and FMCG, need to adapt in order to remain in the game.

Existing Clients Drive Higher Returns For E-commerce Retailers

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

Online retailers tend to earmark a significant portion of their marketing budgets for media technologies aimed at luring new customers, but it turns out that existing clients are those who bring the real income, according to a report I saw this morning.

Experian Reveals Top Digital Trends For 2013

Digital TV Advertising Media Channel

If you still haven’t thought about what 2013 will be bringing you in terms of new digital marketing trends, then the latest Digital Trends 2013 report from Experian can help you get an insight of what the new year has in store for marketers.

Experimental marketing is probably cheaper than failing

Experimental Marketing

At AgencyUK we’ve been flying the flag for experimentation and research with brands since we opened our doors, but in 2017 we noticed a marked uplift in research briefs and experimentation strategies fro our clients. Why is that? After all, experimentation in marketing is almost a century old, and there have been some world changing examples […]

Eye-Tracking Reveals What Users See On Brand Pages

Website Eye tracking research UX UI

New eye tracking technology gives advertisers a valuable insight into what users actually look at and see on a brand page on social media.

F-Commerce Can Boost UK Retail Revenues By £3.1bn Over 3 Years

Facebook social media mum consumer

Extra revenues of £3.1 billion sounds like quite an attractive proposition, doesn’t it? This is what UK retailers could add to their sales proceeds over the next three years if they embrace Facebook commerce and make online shopping through the social media platform a worthwhile experience for buyers, an InternetRetailing article reveals.

Faberge in search of exposure

Faberge Luxury Brand Advertising Goods

Luxury jewellery manufacturer Faberge is launching its first ever advertising campaign. It is the beginning of a creative modern era for the brand, a spokesperson has announced.

Facebook & Twitter Will Help Brands Make The Best Of The World Cup

World Cup FIFA Advertising Marketing

Facebook and Twitter have released some hints that will help brands make the best of their social presence during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which starts in June. According to The Drum, the tips include utilising second screening, planning in advance, accurate targeting and using videos and images.

Facebook Axes Its “Like” Button

Social Media groups

Social media giant Facebook has ditched its thumbs up “Like” button to replace it with a new share option intended to help people share more engaging content on the Internet.

Facebook Becoming More Popular Than YouTube For Video Marketing

New research from Socialbakers has found that Facebook is swiftly overtaking YouTube as the channel of choice for video marketers, reports. The research analysed 180,000 Facebook video posts from 20,000 Facebook pages and found a significant increase in the number of marketing videos being uploaded directly to Facebook in 2014 compared to previous years.

Facebook Counts 4.1M UK Mums As Valued Users

Facebook social media mum consumer

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, Facebook has decided to use the celebration for inspiration, and has counted how many mothers in the UK use the platform as well as identify their level of engagement by measuring their activity.

Facebook Due To Advertise How Relevant Ads Are For Users

Facebook recently announced that it is going to be adding relevancy scores to the adverts that appear on users’ profiles, The Drum reports. This means that users will now be able to see only the ads that are the most relevant to them and their interests, leading to a more immersive experience for them.

Facebook Introduces Premium Ads In UK

Facebook social user

Facebook will offer premium video ads to a limited number of UK corporate clients, the company announced in a blog post. Apart from the UK, premium video ads and improved video metrics will also be launched in Japan, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Germany.

Facebook Loses Out To Twitter As Teens Favourite Social Platform

Facebook social media mum consumer

The semi-annual teen market research report from investment bank Piper Jaffray finds that young people across the globe no longer think that Facebook is cool enough and are increasingly turning to rival Twitter. The micro-blogging networking site has overtaken the world’s most popular social platform as the channel considered the most important to younger people, […]

Facebook Most Trusted Social Media Site For Product Reviews

Facebook is the most frequently used platform because it is the social media site that active users trust the most, results from a recent Social Media Link survey suggest.

Facebook News Feed Twice As Fast On New iOS

Facebook social media content

According to Facebook, the company has answered the call of consumers and made the social media site’s news feed operate 50% faster than the previous version in the iOS app, Mashable reports. The company swapped from HTML5 to native iOS code around two years ago in order to make sure the Facebook app ran as […]

Facebook Popular With 98.2% Of Hospice Fundraisers

Facebook is now the most popular social media hub among hospice fundraisers in the UK, used by 98.2% of them to promote their activities and attract donations, software consultancy and developer The Access Group has found.

Facebook Preferred Social Media Channel For Sales Lead Campaigns But Twitter Favioured For Brand Building

Facebook social user

For UK marketers, Facebook is the social media platform that ticks all the boxes when it comes to campaign development and evaluation, the inaugural “social media scorecard” from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) shows.

Facebook Rolls Out Verified Profiles And Pages

Facebook social user

It is good to hear that Facebook is moving to increase confidence among users that the brands they engage with are exactly who or what they say they are. The social media platform has rolled out a verified program for profiles and pages created on the site, in an effort to curb fake and unauthorised […]

Facebook Targets Travel Companies In 2014

Facebook social user

Facebook plans to launch events, research and ad targeting improvements in its aim to see more travel companies add the platform to their digital marketing mix.

Facebook To Minimise Limit Number Of Promotional Page Posts

As of early 2015, the social media giant Facebook is due to address the number of unsolicited promotional posts users will see in their news streams, The Drum reports. The crackdown aims to tackle posts that ask users to buy a particular product or enter a competition; it comes not long after Facebook announced new […]

Facebook To Reach One Billion Mobile Users In Near Future

Facebook social media mum consumer

It was recently reported by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK that the social networking site Facebook will reach one billion mobile users at some point in the coming 12 months, as more than 70% of the site’s worldwide users have access to mobile technology.

Facebook Trials Expanded Scheme For News Feed Ads

Facebook social media mum consumer

Having close to one billion users is all fine and dandy but a business needs more than popularity for popularity’s sake. In other words, it needs to make money from that massive user base.

Facebooks Active Advertisers Reach 1M

This week, Facebook once again made the headlines after revealing that it has recorded its one millionth active advertiser. This major milestone, announced by Facebook director of small business Dan Levy, has been achieved thanks to the growing interest of small company owners in promoting their products on the platform, the social media giant said.

Female Pinterest Activity Is Still On The Rise

Pinterest Social Media Advertising

A surprisingly high proportion (84%) of female Pinterest users have remained active on the image-sharing network come their fourth year of membership, a survey by RJMetrics has discovered. To compare, Facebook boasted around 49% active users at the start of the year, Twitter had 36% and Google+ had 35% registered active users. This makes Pinterest […]

Field to Fork – The Power of Provenance

With the meteoric rise of direct to consumer brands, it’s of little surprise that consumer demand for field to fork brands continues to steam ahead. Traditionally field-to-fork only included food and drink produce that was served locally and could be traced back to local roots, usually a farm. Today field to fork has a broader […]

Finalists! HSBC Start Up Awards

AgencyUK Award nomination HSBC Startup

A Bath advertising agency which is enjoying 100 per cent year-on-year growth is in the running for an award.

Financial Companies Starting To Shun Investments in Social Media Marketing

London Recruitment Brand AUK

Businesses in the financial sector are starting to trim spending on social media marketing after encountering some pitfalls when using such platforms, says Anthony Cooper, MD of business intelligence company Pearlfinders.

Fine Bros: The rise and fall of the YouTube star

Real-life brothers, US-born Benny and Rafi Fine started their YouTube channel the Fine Bros with humble beginnings. Nine years on Fine Brothers Entertainment is now a huge YouTube operation thought to be worth over £5 million.  Most famous for their  ‘reaction’ videos such as ‘Kids React’, ‘Teens React’, ‘YouTubers React’ – they’ve used this format […]

First Drinks Seeks To Engage Older Drinkers With Zubrowka Vodka Campaign

Vodka brand campaign

First Drinks is looking to engage “authenticity-seeking drinkers” through a fresh marketing initiative aimed at reinstating the Zubrowka vodka brand in the UK, according to Marketing Week.

First Three Weeks Crucial For Brand Engagement On Twitter

Twitter social commerce

Recent research has revealed that brands have a maximum of three weeks to engage new users on Twitter, or risk losing them completely, SocialBro suggests.

Five Steps To Ensuring Your Website Enjoys Commercial Success

ecommerce website consumer spending

Nowadays, if a company does not have a website it means that they are at a serious disadvantage compared to their competitors. In an increasingly digitalised and highly connected world, having an online presence is absolutely essential for business success. A website goes hand in hand with a social media presence, however maintaining a Twitter, Facebook […]

Five Tips For Managing Your Reputation On Social Networks

YouTube Desktop Social Channel

Various videos, tweets and other forms of online content are continuously going viral, engaging millions of people around the world in a matter of minutes. If a particular piece of viral content happens to impact your brand negatively, however, this can pose a serious problem, says PR expert Danny Whatmough in an article for Econsultancy. […]

FMCG brands boast 35% of traffic on Facebook

AgencyUK on parent trends to Facebook ads

In Marketing week today research has shown that companies are failing to agree on this question. At present, most businesses have their own Facebook pages but not all of them know how to make the best of social media. In fact, the gap between the most and the least visited was quite wide. The research […]

FMCG Outstrips Entertainment As Top Online Video Spender

Online Video Streaming YouTube

In the first quarter of 2013, advertisers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector outstripped entertainment in terms of online video spend, taking a 26.1% slice of the market.

FMCG Promotions Lose Appeal In Europe

Supermarket FMCG Consumer

It might sound hard to believe, but recent findings suggest that promotions in the food and non-food market could be reaching a tipping point as they are no longer attractive enough to consumers. A new report from market and shopper intelligence provider IRI shows that the time for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands to reconsider […]

FMCG Sector Has Highest Share In Global Ad Spend

Augmented reality food and drink fmcg

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector held the highest share of global advertising spend in the first half of 2013, aided by a 5.7% year-on-year growth in spending, the latest quarterly Global AdView Pulse report from researcher Nielsen shows.

FMCG Takes Largest Share Of Global Ad Spend In 2013

Women Consumer Drink Food FMCG

Companies involved in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry were responsible for 21.3% of total global advertising spend in the first three quarters of 2013, the latest research from Nielsen reveals.

Forever Young appoints AgencyUK to lead Probio7 brand communications

Probio7 health wellness probiotic brand

Founded in 1995, Forever Young International has grown into one of the world’s leading producers of live bacteria supplements. Through their brand, Probio7, they aim to educate and support digestive health and immunity from babies aged 2 months+, children and adults. Over the past few years there has been a marked behavioural change in UK […]

From buzzword to bullsh*t: celebrating 144 years of ‘influencer marketing’

mobile video Social Media Influencer

By Ian McKee, Social and PR Director, AgencyUK The first known instance of ‘influencer marketing’ was in the late 19th century.  Yeah, you read that right — 1873. Jules Verne, a hugely influential author, was known to be writing another adventure novel when he was lobbied by transport companies for mentions. Perhaps if Jules had […]

Futurising Magazine: An interview with Sammy Mansourpour, Founder

Sammy Mansourpour Managing Director AgencyUK

Prior to founding AgencyUK, Saman worked for Campaign’s Agency of the Year and was the European Marketing Manager of a Fortune 500 company at the age of 23. What was your first ever job? Air Products plc, I joined them after my degree on a graduate programme where I worked from multiple departments across Europe […]

Gamers Happy To Receive Value Exchange Ads

AUK Brand CVG Magazine

I came across a recent report from MediaBrix, an advertising and services platform for social and mobile games, stating that gamers are very interested in value exchange ads as they expect such options to further enhance their gaming experience.

Gaming Scores Serious Points For Marketing Potential

AUK Brand CVG Magazine

An interesting article by Marketing Week has revealed the potential of gaming and the opportunities it presents to brands looking to reach highly engaged audiences.

Gartner Sees Good Times Ahead For Mobile Payment

Contactless Payments, eCommerce, Online Shopping, Consumer

Most consumers have only a vague idea of what purpose Near Field Communications (NFC) serve and many remain reluctant to use their mobile devices to make payments, mostly on account of security concerns.

Gen Z Generation More Likely To Be Brand Loyal

Gen Z Consumer Audience

People aged between 18 and 23 have been found to be more likely to show their loyalty on digital outlets to brands that they like compared to the older generation, according to an article by Luxury Daily, which cited a report from Forrester Research.

Generation X & Millennials Almost Equally Tech Savvy

Mobile Advertising Influencer

Millennials are not that far ahead of the previous generation in terms of digital device usage, the latest Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDG) global mobile survey has revealed, as the portion of millennials who regularly use a tablet stands at 65%, while the figure for Gen Xers is 60%.

Generation Z: The Tech-Savvy Generation Of The Future

Gen Z Consumer Audience

Generation Z are the newest consumers set to heavily influence the marketing industry in the future, Marketing Magazine reports. This generation were born with technology as a normal extension of everyday life, and many are still in school and younger than Google. Gen Z are aged between five and 19 and were born from 1995 […]

German cars Top Trumps for UK consumers

Automotive Car Brands

The survey, by Fleet News FN50, asks respondents to identify the most reliable cars and vans on the market, and shows that German cars now occupy six positions in the top ten for reliability, with BMW 3 Series and Honda Accord still holding the first and second place, the same ones they took in 2010.

Germany’s Chancellor Advocates For Stricter Data Protection Rules

Data protection EU regulation

The marketing industry will likely face tougher data protection laws following calls by the German chancellor for more transparency from brands when it comes to data usage, Marketing Week has reported.

Get Social and Build Trust to Win Big | The Drum

AUK Teen Audience

Despite times being tough, our criteria for choosing who we work with has got even tougher. In the good old days, before bank balances took a bashing, investors used to look for big ideas to back. Today, we see venture capitalists investing in the people behind the ideas, in addition to the ideas themselves. Dragon’s […]

Global Ad Spending To Grow By 7.4% In 2012

Marketing executive team

Thanks in part to the London Olympics, this year will be a good one for global advertising spend, which will rise by 7.4% to reach $542.3 billion. This is according to the prognosis of eMarketer, which expects growth to lose some steam in 2013, slowing down to 6.4%. Latin America and the Asia Pacific will […]

Global Adspend In 2015 To Increase By 4.9%

Advertising AgencyUK Global Launch

A recent report by ZenithOptimedia predicts that global adspend will reach the $545 billion mark by the end of next year, an increase of 4.9%, The Drum reports. The Advertising Expenditure Forecast puts this increase down to the increasingly positive outlook of the world’s economy; however, compared to 2014 – which saw the impact from the […]

Global Adspend Increases By 5%

Global Advertising Financial Service FS Advertising Media

According to a recent article published on Warc, global adspend is due to increase faster than expected for the rest of 2014; this is due to media network giant Carat revising their forecasts for the year and indicating a growing positive outlook in the major regions.

Global Adspend Reached $19.3 Billion In 2013

Global Advertising Financial Service FS Advertising Media

A recent study by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed that global advertising spend almost doubled in 2013 to hit $19.3 billion, up from the $10.1 billion recorded in 2012. The Global Mobile Advertising Revenue study also found that along with this global increase of 92%, Latin America recorded the highest amount of growth at […]

Global Consumers Ready To Embrace Online Grocery Shopping

Augmented reality food and drink fmcg

Online grocery shopping is already gaining momentum around the world, with a new survey suggesting that consumers are happy to use such services at least once a month.

Global Customer Satisfaction Level Dips In Q4 Of 2013

Outdoor Out of Home Advertising

Global customer satisfaction slipped by two percentage points to 80% in the fourth quarter of 2013, while in the UK the decline was more pronounced – dropping by four percentage points to 83%, The Zendesk Benchmark report shows.

Global E-Commerce Sales To Hit $1.2Trn In 2013

ecommerce website consumer spending

I came across figures from insights provider eMarketer revealing that, by the end of 2013, global online retail sales will surge to more than $1.2 trillion. E-commerce businesses in Western Europe will likely show a double-digit growth, despite the market’s greater maturity compared to other regions.

Global edutech leader QS appoint AgencyUK as social media partner

QS global edutech brand appoint AgencyUK to social strategy

Global education service provider and brand owner of, QS Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) have appointed AgencyUK as social media partner. QS is the world’s leading provider of services, analytics, and insights to the global higher education sector and famed for its university rankings, which have become the annual benchmark for universities around the world. AgencyUK […]

Global Firms To Hike Digital Ad Spend By 14.6% In 2013

Global Advertising Financial Service FS Advertising Media

According to the latest report from GroupM, companies across the globe will raise their spending on Internet advertising by 14.6% on the year to a combined $113.5 billion in 2013.

Global Marketers Spent Heavily On Traditional Media In 2012

Outdoor Out of Home Advertising

Market researcher Nielsen have revealed that, despite the explosive growth in digital marketing through social media and mobile communications, traditional media channels are still popular with industry professionals across the globe and it remains a promising source of revenue growth.

Global Marketers To Spend More On E-Mail And Social Media In 2014

Advertising AgencyUK Global Launch

E-mail and social media are among the top four mediums that global marketers plan to centre their strategies around in 2014, according to new study from digital marketing software expert ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

Global Marketing Budgets Rise

Global Advertising Financial Service FS Advertising Media

According to the latest Warc Global Marketing Index, marketing budgets are on the rise internationally.

Global Mobile Media Spend To Hit $200Bn By 2017

Advertising AgencyUK Global Launch

I came across a report from Strategy Analytics predicting that by 2017, global mobile media spending will hit $200 billion, surging from $161 billion in 2012.

Global Pioneers InterCasino move Integrated Brand re-positioning into AgencyUK

Casino Gaming Slots Brand Online

InterCasino, one of the pioneers of online casino gaming, has appointed UK based communications specialists AgencyUK to research, plan and create their new brand proposition and global advertising campaigns.

Glutafin appoint AgencyUK as lead creative partner

AUK Appointed FMCG Creative

Glutafin, one of the leading providers of prescription-only gluten-free food products, has appointed leading brand response agency, AgencyUK to evolve the food brand, engage with a wider base of consumers and healthcare professionals, and promote new product launches.

Glutafin Brand Re-Launch

AgencyUK Launch Glutafin wheat free bread

Glutafin, one of the leading providers of prescription-only gluten-free food products, has launched a new advertising campaign designed to help coeliacs carry on with life after diagnosis.

Good Delivery Experience Stimulates Consumers To Shop Again

Home Shopping eCommerce Website

This week the fifth annual UK Consumer Home Deliver Review was published from the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) community, which highlights the strong impact of delivery experience on consumers’ shopping behaviour. IMRG asked 1,290 Britons, including 864 regular online shoppers, to study the delivery perceptions and needs of UK consumers. The e-retail industry […]

Google And Facebook Suffer Drop In Visits Since 2012

According to a new study from Experian, Google UK is still the website accessed most often by UK Internet users in September, grabbing a 6.06% share of total site visits in the country.

Google Experts See Growth Potential In Weather Advertising

UK marketers can utilise the extremely unpredictable nature of the country’s weather to deliver targeted strategies to consumers, industry leaders announced at Weather for Breakfast, a marketing event held in London this week.

Google is the new Twitter with its new Expanded Text Ads

Tuesday saw the launch of Google’s new Expanded Text Ads (ETAs for those of you who love a TLA). You may now notice in the paid-for search results that you get a lot more real estate for your money – 47% to be exact. The old format headline with a 25-character limit and two lines […]

Google Loses Some Of Its Appeal In October

Google offices

Google suffered its first disappointing month for the past five years in the UK search market after seeing its market share slip below 90% to 89.33% in October, as I read in the latest analysis from market research company Experian Hitwise.

Google Makes MCC Scripts Available For All AdWords Users

Google offices

Google has made the scripts of its My Client Center (MCC) tool available to all users of its AdWords service. The tool allows PPC marketers to manage more than one account from a single AdWords dashboard, saving a significant amount of time. With the newly available scripts account managers will also be able to introduce […]

Google Teaches UK Businesses To Excel At Mobile Marketing

Google offices

If you had to choose one word to describe marketing these days, chances are you might pick the word “mobile”. The importance of mobile for consumers has been highlighted quite often lately, but it seems that UK business is not entirely up-to-date with the practical side of things.

Google To Offer More Insights Into Shopper Behaviour & Media Consumption

By expanding its Consumer Barometer tool, Google will be able to offer marketers and other professionals more insights into consumer behaviour towards – and interactions with – online media, The Drum reports. The barometer tool has been available for four years, but this newly available design will make it simpler for professionals to switch between […]

Google Unveils New Search Algorithm

Google offices

I was recently reading an article about Google announcing its new algorithm update, marking the search giant’s shift away from using simple keywords to determine what to show in search results. The move highlights Google’s ambition to better deal with longer, more sophisticated user queries.

Google+ Still Long Way To Go To Win Marketers Trust

Google channel media ppc

Although many reports suggest that marketers have an increasing interest in Google+, the truth is that the social platform still has a long way to go before becoming a major competitor to others like Facebook, especially when it comes to number of users and dwell time.

Grey market ignored by online marketers

Despite the ‘grey market’ – aka consumers over the age of 55 – spending around £14.45 billion online and set to account for 66% of total retail spending by the year 2025, less than a quarter (22%) of marketers directly target them as a demographic, Warc reports.

Guest Blog: How To Set Up A Global Social Media Strategy

Laura apprentice agencyuk

We’re delighted to introduce guest blogger Rachel Chilson. Rachel is a marketing communications specialist in social outreach. Ready to participate in global social media? How to set up a proper strategy There are 1.73 billion social media users worldwide. By 2017, this number is predicted to reach 2.55 billion, according to SocialMedia Today. Of these users, […]

Guinness Offers Trip To Dublin In New Advertising Campaign

Guinness Advertising Campaign

Guinness Europe has found an innovative way to reward beer lovers for drinking its famous Irish dry stout, by offering them a trip on a private jet to Dublin. For the campaign, the brewer has engaged 1,000 pubs across the UK, which will be visited by its own flight crew to find people drinking a […]

Half Of British Mums Worry About Christmas Spending

Mums Consumer

Although it may seem more appropriate to be thinking about the summer holidays at the moment, a new poll suggests that many British mums are worried about the expenses they will have to face this Christmas, the Retail Gazette reports.

Half Of Britons Now Use Mobile Devices For Shopping

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

Smartphones have become UK shoppers’ top sales assistant, a trend that explains the growing importance of e-mobile to retailers. I read recently that 57% of Britons have used their gadget to confirm product availability and half of the country’s population already use it as a tool for shopping, suggesting that businesses need to tap into […]

Harnessing The Power Of The Digital Consumer

Male Shopper Consumers eCommerce

We live in a world where media is increasingly fragmented and brands have to fight harder and harder to attract attention, and it has taken marketers a long time to come to terms with this.

Has Alexa Saved Our Copywriters?

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I recently attended a conference where JustEat (the foodie app folks) became the latest brand to unveil their new Voice App companion for Alexa, Amazon‘s intelligent personal assistant. We’re seeing more and more brands embracing voice technology every day, keen to be an early adopter and tap into the changes in consumer behaviour that Alexa and other voice assistants […]

Has Max Clifford taken over the world? | Brand Republic Feature

AgencyUK on PR Brands

Okay, that may just be a headline to grab your attention, but the point I’d like to make is that social media is turning us all into our own PR agents.

Has the bubble burst for ‘champagne’ brands?

Champagne brand

In July I wrote an observational piece on how some luxury brands were losing ground to younger, hungrier, more inclusive challenger brands, and how this was particularly prevalent at Goodwood Festival of Speed, where Fever-Tree outstripped the popularity of Moet, Martini and others. But in a world of sanitised conjecture and false facts, it’s perhaps […]

Heads Of Marketing At Top Law Firms Can Earn Up To £500,000

Marketing executive team

According to a recent article published on Marketing Week, quoting research from Carter Murray, some marketing bosses employed at the top 20 largest law firms in the UK can earn up to £500,000 annually.

Health And Well-Being Products See 319% Rise

Health wellbeing product consumer marketing

Results of a recent study from price comparison provider Become Europe, revealing the types of products UK online shoppers rushed to buy this spring. According to the research, items in the health and well-being category showed strongest growth in online traffic, mainly as a result of the unusually cold weather that gripped much of the […]

Heavyweight weight-loss brand Slimsticks appoint AgencyUK

Slimsticks slimming brand

Slimsticks,  a natural weight loss aid has appointed TheAgency to spearhead their advertising and marketing communications, ahead of a national roll-out with a well known national retailer.

Heinz Bets On Digital To Support Growth Through Innovation

Heinz brand

Ketchup maker Heinz is taking a “digital first” approach and is transferring money from other segments to back its shift towards more innovation, Matt Hill, the company’s president for UK & Ireland operations, has said, as quoted by Marketing Magazine.

HFSS & The Sweet Future of UK Sugar

Kid reaching for sweets

Background In July 2020, in an attempt to tackle the growing obesity problem in the UK, the government announced new restrictions for food and drink products high in fat, sugar, and salt (HFSS). With 64.3% of adults and 14.4% of reception-age children being either overweight or obese, the restrictions will intervene in how HFSS products […]

High Expectations From Online Shoppers Drive E-Retail Development

eCommerce AgencyUK launch

E-commerce is a fast-developing industry, but it seems that the expectations of shoppers in the online space are rising exponentially, prompting retailers to constantly offer them more shopping incentives.

High Street Retailers Urged To Embrace Technology To Win Consumers Hearts

UK Consumer Shopping

Many high street retailers see e-commerce as a serious threat to their businesses. With the rise of online retail seeing no signs of slowing down, and for the sake of retaining consumers’ interest, retailers need to embrace technology to provide better value and satisfactory customer service, results from a survey conducted by deal-of-the-day website Groupon […]

High Street Shopping Preferred Due To Poor eCommerce Experiences

UK Consumer Brands

A new research conducted by mobile shopping app Udozi overthrows the popular belief that e-commerce is taking the place of traditional in-store shopping, which now seems to disappoint consumers with extraordinary high delivery costs and unsatisfactory shopping experience.

High Street Shops Should Embrace Online To Attract Consumers

Augmented reality advertising media

Marketing is a field in which change happens fast and those who fail to adapt are bound to lose their ground. Recently, this has referred to many high street retailers and the reasons causing their misfortune are exposed in an analysis in the Manchester Evening News.

High-Street Blues Spur Marketers Into Tweaking Christmas Strategies

Christmas Shopping Harrods

This being a crucial time of the year for us marketing folk, I could not help but click yesterday on a news link that had “Christmas” and “media agencies” in its title. This is how I found out that over 60% of the marketers and agencies participating in an O2 Media study have made adjustments […]

High-Street Retailers Likely To See Drop In Spending In 2012

Consumer Branding

Retailers in the UK might be well aware of the importance of e-commerce but they need to put more effort into developing their online shopping platforms, as more consumers are likely to reduce the amount of money spent in-store and increase their shopping online in 2012.

Honda Civic’s Ad Most Viewed By Brits On YouTube This Year

Honda Automotive advertising

Top TV commercials that have been the most viewed on YouTube this year. This year’s chart for the UK market highlights businesses’ ambition to catch consumers’ attention through more creative and amusing ads than ever before.

Hornby posters scoop international D&AD award

Hornby’s spoof passenger information posters on station platforms campaign has been awarded the highest accolade in world advertising, winning a coveted pencil at the annual D&AD awards in London. The ‘Station Posters’ campaign, created by Bath based AgencyUK, was selected from over 24,000 entries from all over the globe. D&AD – the Design and Art Directors […]

How brands can do less and mean more on social media

AUK on Social Media Marketing

This post is a precis of our Social & PR Director Ian McKee’s presentation at #OiConf Cardiff 2017. If you draw a comparison timeline between social media marketing and SEO, social media’s about six years behind. It’s a loose analogy, of course, but given Google was founded in 1998 and Facebook in 2004, that’s where we […]

How Can Brands Keep Up With The Increasing Use Of Mobile?

Mobile ecommerce security

People are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the web, shop online, conduct research and find entertainment. This has led to a sharp rise in our expectations as customers, writes strategy consultant Jasper Bell in an article for Econsultancy. Brands, he says, have to keep up with these rising expectations; here are four ways […]

How Can Businesses Benefit From Marketing Automation?

.Net Magazine brand launch

Marketing automation is a great tool for improving a company’s e-mail marketing, as well as optimising landing pages and lead management, according to Deskgod Inc’s CEO Daniel Hristov. In an article for the Business2Community website, Hristov provides analysis on the benefits and challenges associated with marketing automation.

How Charities Are Increasingly Using Mobile Technology

Grey market tech mobile app old people

Blackbaud’s recent report into the state of the not-for-profit industry shows that alongside charities’ growing use of social media, mobile is also among the mediums they increasingly resort to for marketing purposes.

How Deadpool’s marketing is breaking the fourth wall

The latest Marvel Superhero movie is set for release this week and after a marketing campaign like no other, we can’t wait to see the sarcastic anti-hero in action. The marketing for the film has been described as innovative and unique; ScreenRant even called it the “best marketing campaign in the history of cinema”. So, […]

How Digital Media Transforms Britons Living Room

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

The latest report from telecoms regulator Ofcom is full of surprising facts and figures pointing to the gradual transformation of the traditional living room of our parents and grandparents into a digital media hub. Think that seeing a tweet from your grandpa and grandma after a popular TV show is hardly possible? Well, think again […]

How Fever Tree showed up Dry Martini at Goodwood Festival of Speed

I visited Goodwood Festival of Speed last week and it was fascinating to observe a number of premium automotive and drinks brands in action. It’s an event that has always celebrated fast cars and luxury lifestyles with bubbles. Martini Racing and Moët & Chandon have been at the heart of the high end action for […]

How Has Big Data Really Influenced Marketing?

Retail mobile digital app

If you haven’t heard of big data before, we are – quite frankly – shocked. Where have you been? Big data is the buzz-phrase of the moment (in fact it’s been an important concept for quite some time now), for businesses large and small and across every industry imaginable. Big data is now an entire […]

How Networks Control Financial Advisers Social Media Use

Global Advertising Financial Service FS Advertising Media

Social media allows financial advisory firms to reach large audiences, but also poses certain challenges due to rules imposed by the financial watchdog in relation to financial promotions.

How Social Data Can Benefit Marketing Campaigns

Social Retail eCommerce Digital Shopper

The Internet has brought vast changes to the consumer landscape, triggering the emergence of digital shoppers who now have more power at their fingertips. Today’s consumer expects to receive more personalised experiences with brands, more choices and more ways to interact with them. For businesses looking to recognise and engage with these users, it’s imperative […]

How The Role Of The Marketer Has Become More Complicated

Marketing executive team

According to Keith Weed, chief marketing officer at Unilever, the life of a marketing professional has changed more in the last five years than it has in the last 25, Marketing Week reports. One of the biggest changes marketers have had to adapt to is the need to understand and analyse a lot of figures […]

How to avoid social media campaign fails

Facebook social media content

by Laura Farrington, Social & PR Executive at AgencyUK For many, social media seemed to appear overnight, and therefore somehow gained a reputation of being a fad or unprofitable marketing tool. But the huge potential of social media marketing is now becoming more recognised and social media is shifting from novelty to purpose. With 72% […]

How To Become An Agile Marketing Organisation

Marketer Branding Agency AUK Strategy

At a recent roundtable event hosted by Econsultancy, the focus of which was on Digital Transformation, a number of strategies were put forward for how to turn an agency into a more agile business, the online market research site reported.

How To Increase & Improve On Instagram Engagement

Social Instagram channel content

As one of the most popular social media sites around, Instagram is a hub for online engagement – it is therefore a site businesses need to begin taking notice of. According to a recent infographic from HubSpot, as published on, there are a number of scientific formulas to follow which will encourage more engagement […]

How To Interact With Customers On Social Media Channels

Social media marketing provides brands with many opportunities and has become a medium businesses can no longer afford to neglect. Forbes has put together a few tips on how to make use of social channels, how to interact with users and boost business growth.

How to keep commercially focused in an agency/client relationship

Digital Media Agency User Experience

by Amy Stobie, Commercial Director at AgencyUK Organisations invest in marketing because it has the power to create value for their brands. And the work agencies are commissioned to undertake for these brands is becoming more measurable by the day. When marketing communications works it’s the most powerful way to quickly build a base of […]

How To Plan A Content/Editorial Calendar

Apprentice creative agency

Whilst the idea of having to plan anything may put a lot of people off – the organisation and forward thinking required can give even the most experienced professional a headache – the fact remains that creating a fully-formed and detailed content/editorial calendar is pretty much an essential part of the marketing mix nowadays. As […]

How To Revolutionise Your Content Marketing Strategy

Blogger blog writing content social strategy

It is common practice for a number of companies to develop a content marketing strategy and then leave it, Business2Community notes. However, failing to review and alter an old strategy is not recommended, and businesses are encouraged to always revisit and tweak a strategy in order to maximise their results.

How To Segment The Social Media Sphere

Social Media Marketing

As a platform for engagement, social media sites are due to stick around, IAB UK reports. As more and more consumers engage with the sites, the more marketers and businesses as a whole need to research and analyse the data provided in a bid to understand how customers – either existing or potential – use […]

How To Use Pinterest To Engage Mums

Pinterest Social Media Advertising

Many mums in the UK now spend part of their free time on Pinterest every day. This is great news for marketers given the fact that users, not brands, contribute to 70% of brand engagement on the platform. But it seems that interacting with mothers on Pinterest is not an easy task, as the risk […]

How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Brand’s Reach

Social Media groups

Social media can be an absolute godsend for marketers looking to maximise the online reach of a company or business. Of course, social media can also be a complete pain in the neck for some marketers, too, as maintaining constant output on the channels, keeping on top of interactions with customers and staying in-tune with […]

How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Followers?

Social Media channel advertising users

Social media has been with us for more than ten years (has it been that long already?) and it has become the first stop for marketers seeking to make more people aware of their brands and attract loyal customers. People have different behaviours and communicate differently online than they do in real life; by understanding […]

How will Gen Z transform the workplace?

Gen Z Drum Emillie Hawes AgencyUK

Featured in The Drum Gen Z already make up over 20% of the world’s population; they’ll be more than a quarter of the workforce in three years (and Generation Alpha is hot on their heels). They bring with them native knowledge of digital and social, developed understandings of community and identity and deep ethical commitments. How is their […]

How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest

Pinterest Social Media Advertising

Pinterest may be a relatively new social network, but it is quickly increasing in popularity. Many brands are currently revisiting their online marketing strategies to add this social channel – which now has over 70 million accounts – and make use of it as a valuable tool to help spread content virally and even contribute […]

Humans and Robots

BBC iPlayer mobile app

You’ve heard of robots.txt – how about humans.txt? We look at the growing trend for websites to offer a non-intrusive way of showcasing the real people behind the development of the site – and also to shout out to the various technologies and languages underpinning the site’s functionality.

I sold out to Big Data | Brand Republic Feature by Ian Young

Data Marketing CRM

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Big Data’, it’s certainly the 2013 buzz with firms EMC2, IBM, Oracle even Adobe speaking louder than most. But what does it actually mean? When you get past the spin, hype and bluster, Big Data is actually a simple proposition. It’s about accessing and consolidating data from multiple data […]

I Thought Leaders had a Clue? | Marketing Week

AUK Appoint Creative Director

I’ve met a number of very senior thought leaders recently. Many of which have modelled the current social landscape in their minds, speculated on how human behaviour and interaction with brands will evolve over the coming decades.
They’ve even pred…

i-Kube looks to expand following appointment of AgencyUK

i-kube motor insurance appoint AUK

i-kube, the specialist motor insurer for young people between the ages of 17-25, has appointed AgencyUK to conduct a rebrand and marketing initiative following a successful 3-way pitch.

IAB Calls for #ad tags before advertising Tweets

Digital Media Agency User Experience

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has decided to facilitate social media marketing by issuing a set of useful hints for businesses on how to comply with the requirements for payment of editorial content, which promotes products or services without breaching the law for consumer protection.

iBet appoints AgencyUK ahead of Euro2020

ibet is the new online gambling platform developed by the tech whizzkids of Silicon Valley. It’s rumoured to become the standard by which all future online gambling platforms are measured. By marrying together emerging technology, ibet will provide more immersive user experiences that brings players closer to the live sports they love. The rapid scale […]

ICO Urges Google To Amend Privacy Policy Until 20 September

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has asked search giant Google to bring its privacy policy in line with the Data Protection Act until 20 September 2013, otherwise it risks facing legal action and fines. According to an article published by Computer World, ICO has joined hands with the other 27 data protection bodies in Europe […]

Images Extremely Important In Consumers Shopping Journeys

Web analytics tracking gender

I recently read results from a study conducted by visual content specialist WeSEE, revealing that young online users no longer favour traditional text-based queries to find products on the Internet; they are increasingly relying on imagery to better-inform their decisions.

Improving Customer Experience Key To Boosting CLV

ecommerce website consumer spending

The best way to achieve customer lifetime value (CLV) is by improving user experiences – at least according to the majority of the marketers polled for Econsultancy’s new research paper, carried out in partnership with Sitecore.

In-App Ad Spending To Reach USD7.1bn By 2015

AUK Advertising

Smartphones are versatile gadgets and it is no wonder they have taken the market by storm. The same thing is now happening with tablets, which have their own irresistible attractions. But can you imagine either of those devices without apps?

Increased Footfall In UK High Street Stores

Social Retail eCommerce Digital Shopper

The latest report from British Retail Consortium (BRC) shows that high street footfall was 0.1% higher in June compared with the previous month. Although a modest increase, it was still better than the figure recorded the previous month, when footfall slipped 0.7%.

Influences For Search Engine Rankings

Mobile Advertising Influencer

A recent report from SearchMetrics identifies the factors having the greatest impact on organic ranking. It looks at search engine results and the measures marketers adopt to push their websites higher on search engines.

Insider Magazine: Ask the Expert: Big data and mobile

Big data analytics agency

Firstly, what does “Big Data” actually mean? Big Data is, unsurprisingly, a big subject, but in its broadest term it refers to the increasingly huge amount of information that is available to us today. This is primarily driven by the way consumers are embracing the internet as part of their everyday lives. Financial services have […]

Insider Magazine’s Owner-Managed Business Round Table Featuring Sammy from AgencyUK

AgencyUK Insider Magazine

Successful owner-managed businesses don’t get to the top on their own; they seek and use external advice. Insider brought together a group of ambitious business owners to discuss the main issues affecting them and who they turn to for help.

Instagram 58 Times Better Than Facebook For User Engagement

Social Instagram channel content

Instagram stands out from the other social networks available as it produces more user engagement, a new study by Forrester reveals. In fact, it delivers 58 times more engagement than Facebook.

Instagram Begins Gradual Roll Out Of Sponsored Ads In UK

After being trialled in the US at the end of last year, seven UK advertisers have become the first to take advantage of Instagram’s new “Sponsored” paid-for ad unit.

Instagram Leads Social Media Sites For User Engagement

In the world of social media, size appears to have nothing to do with engagement – at least according to research from L2 Think Tank, which revealed that posts on Instagram could be generating the highest levels of communication amongst users.

Instagram Reaches 300 Million Users – But Brands Want More

Instagram social media channel

It was reported on Marketing Week earlier this week that the Facebook-owned app Instagram has reached a total of 300 million users – around 100 million extra users in just nine months. With this record user base, Instagram has surpassed that of Twitter and Tumblr, which have 284 million and 230 million respectively. Facebook still […]

Integrating Search With Other Media Proves Results

Digital Media Agency User Experience

Integration (mixing various channels) is a must for successful marketing, as most marketers are now well aware. And it’s continuing to prove results, according to a new study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Integration? It’s all in your head | Brand Republic Feature

Digital Media Agency User Experience

Integration is a big buzzword. Everyone wants to be integrated. But in many cases it involves digital and gaming agencies/departments taking the above the line campaign and pretty much sticking it on the web. Then the DM agency/department take the ATL campaign and stick it on a pack. Don’t even get me started on social media.

InterCasino Launch Playtime for Grown Ups with AgencyUK

Poker images

InterCasino, one of the very first online casino gaming sites, has launched their new global brand campaigns. The “Play-time for Grown-ups” campaign demonstrates that InterCasino means serious entertainment, providing customers with moments of exhilaration and the chance of life changing wins in an authentic casino environment online.

Internet Majors Band Together To Fight Online Ad Scams

Mobile ecommerce security

Some of the biggest names in the Internet business have joined the crusade against malware-infected and fraudulent online advertisements, becoming part of the Ads Integrity Alliance, which was launched last week through the StopBadware project.

Internet Use To Surge By 300% Over Next Five Years

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Recently, I read an article in the International Business Times which stated that Ofcom, the UK telecom regulator, projects that Internet use in the country will increase by between 80 and 300 times within the next five years, boosting the demand for faster and wider-ranging coverage.

Internet Users Prefer To Stay Invisible To Advertisers Survey Finds

Multichannel Advertising eCommerce

It was quite surprising to read today that advertisers across the globe may start to encounter difficulties in gathering consumer data on the web, as people seem to no longer be willing to share personal details online and are beginning to seek tools that can make them invisible in the digital world.

iPad Responsible For 48% Of US M-Commerce Sales

Research from the Adobe Digital Index has found that three-quarters of US mobile sales made over the holiday season were completed via iOS devices, contributing to significant growth in the m-commerce market, eMarketer reports.

Is ‘Creativity for Good’, good for creativity?

In 2013, D&AD introduced the White Pencil to honour ‘sustainable and ethical advertising and design that makes a real difference.’ It was originally intended to mark the organisation’s 50th anniversary by ‘putting D&AD’s global community to work in the service of a cause.’ That cause was Peace Day. There is now an annual category that […]

Is it time to let consumers “Play the Brand” | Brand Republic Feature

AgencyUK consumer brand

I remember having a telephone interview with a journalist from The Times a few years back, where I naively and rather over excitedly ranted on about mobile marketing, and a day when all Outdoor, Mobile and In-Store channels would be intrinsically linked, both creatively and promotionally. The idea was that the data held on individuals […]

Is Nike stealing its R&D? | Brand Republic Feature

Nike branding swoosh

I recently watched a fascinating presentation on Open Data, by Nike VP of Sustainability, Hannah Jones. For those who don’t know Open Data is the concepts of making intellectual property and patents freely available to gen public.
How does it work?

Is Social Media forcing us to be better marketers? | Brand Republic Feature

AUK on Social Media Marketing

I read an interesting article on Mashable recently about which department “owns” social media. My hope was that if we answered that question, we might have a better idea which agency is best set to deal with it.

Is the British Brand broken? | The Drum

Union Jack Crumpled

As a nation Britain has suffered from brand decay, largely around football, holiday makers abroad, even the Iraq war. But recent riots, televised and sensationalised around the world have even had the head of Visit Britain and British Tourism on television defending the nation.

Is the Internet KILLING Creativity? | Brand Republic Feature

AgencyUK Killing Creativity

I recently watched a great ad that launched a well-known brand back into our consciousness. It was brilliant, capturing the brand and the verve of the previous campaigns. Then I realised that a few months previously I’d seen a whole series of films on YouTube that were pretty much identical.

Is this “IT” for Google? Say hello to Wolframalpha.

Google offices

Following a recent demo of what could be the biggest revolution in search, and biggest threat to Google, in recent years. A man called Stephen Wolfram has developed a new type of search engine titled Wolfram Alpha. It is described as a “computational knowledge engine.” We’d say it’s a “find” engine rather than a “search” engine. […]

IT Departments Can Help Marketers Make The Most Of Social Media

Social Media Marketing

The process of successfully integrating social media into marketing strategies is traditionally assigned to agencies that use their own techniques to make such platforms generate real returns to businesses. But there can also be an important role played by the IT department, Kane Fulton writes for the Information Age website.

It Takes Two to Tango | Brand Republic Feature

Social Media Channel Content

With the predicted onset of Social Commerce, aptly named sCommerce by the principals at IBM, we are about to witness the next technological revolution. Goodbye CRM, goodbye traditional direct marketing and hello social commerce.

It’s a Smaller World | Brand Republic Feature

Branding globally small planet

Whilst chatting with my cousin in India via Facebook, it struck me how social media sites are helping to merge cultural boundaries. At the expense of sounding like someone who never switches off, this got me thinking about its effects on marketing and creativity.

It’s Time For Marketers To Start Preparing For Christmas

Christmas retail advertising

I came across the results of a new study from eBay, showing that consumers start looking for Christmas gifts as early as May. Marketers therefore need to monitor consumers’ searches for such purchases as early as possible to better tailor their messages.

Japanese Brands Prove Most Reliable Among Used Cars

UK Car Brands

Reliability is a key factor for UK consumers when they decide what car they will spend their money on. According to a new study from What Car?, reported by the BBC, Japanese cars lead the reliability charts for used cars.

Jeepers Creepers, D&AD!

The English cleric Charles Colton coined the phrase: ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’  And certainly in the advertising industry, creatives are encouraged to assimilate from and be inspired by great exponents of comedy, writing, art, films, music and culture. But there is a clear line between being inspired by creative culture and shamelessly […]

Just 16% of Marketers have a Mobile Strategy

Mobile Commerce ecommerce app

Given the explosive growth of mobile technology and the positive impact it has on the way brands interact with consumers, it was quite surprising to read recently that just 16% of marketers have a mobile strategy in place, a report prepared by the CMO Council said.

Just 8% Of UK Top Retailers Have Tablet-Optimised Website

It seems that whilst UK retailers are rushing to optimise their websites for mobile phones, many are forgetting to consider consumers with other devices, such as tablets.

Just Tweeting around | Brand Republic Feature

AUK Chat app software

I’ve just been through a whirlwind of social media lately. Conferences, projects, discussions, it’s left me feeling quite anti-social about the whole thing. But stay your burning pitchforks. Do not assault my door as you Tweet that you’ve found a non-believer.

Keeping your brand safe on the Google Display Network and YouTube

AUK Advertising

One of the great things about the internet is that it is the ultimate expression of free speech; anyone can publish their experiences, views and opinions for others to read, comment on and share. One of the worst things about the internet is that anyone can publish anything they like, no matter how untrue, defamatory […]

Key Takeaways From The CMO Compensation Report

Professional services marketing online digital strategy

The chief marketing officers (CMO’s) who receive the highest pay are those who have managed to advance and transform the performance of a company’s digital marketing strategies, Marketing Week reports.

Key Trends That Will Shape E-Commerce Industry Next Year

eBay Shopping Retail Consumer eCommerce Web

E-commerce continues to enjoy strong momentum to the detriment of high-street retailers, which will unfortunately list 2012 as one of their unsuccessful years and one that forced many of them to cease operations, with those that survived finding it extremely hard to attract customers and trigger sales. This is not the case with online retail, […]

Kitchenware brand Tala appoints AgencyUK

Kitchenware brand Tala has appointed AgencyUK to oversee its marketing and communication channels for its online retail business. In response to an integrated marketing communications brief, AgencyUK will provide services including brand strategy, creative development, public relations and social media support for Tala. The first phase of the 12-month communications plan is designed to inject a refined approach to […]

Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine Themed Contests On Facebook

Facebook Love Campaign

Valentine’s Day is approaching, presenting a marketers with a good opportunity to take advantage of the special occasion. With 57% of active Facebook users listed as married, engaged or in a relationship, here are some ideas for last-minute contests from Facebook application expert Shortstack that might help rekindle a spark with loved-up fans.

Less David vs Goliath, more Goliath vs Goliath

Digital TV Advertising Media Channel

The latest round of the ongoing battle between the might of NewsCorp and the power of Google is not merely about a clash of two heavyweights in the media landscape. It stems from a much wider question – Does Google favour its own listings in the search rankings?

Less Than 10% of UK Small Firms Have A Mobile Version Of Their Website

ecommerce shopper retail marketiong mobile app

Nearly half of small businesses in the UK are already using different forms of mobile marketing for their campaigns, but only 8% of them have optimised their website for mobile devices. This is according to the results of a study from software a